Book Cover Image of Push by Relentless Aaron

by Relentless Aaron

Publication Date: Dec 19, 2003
List Price: $15.00
Format: Paperback, 311 pages
Classification: Fiction
ISBN13: 9780967054216
Imprint: Relentless Content
Publisher: Relentless Content
Parent Company: Relentless Content

Paperback Description:

He’s been called a thug by some, a killer by other, and a few even see him as ruthless. However, Push has paid his dues. He’s paid his "debt to society." Now, against all odds, he simply wants to make a living and become a productive member of society. Harlem’s underworld is home for Push. It’s a much different world than many others, with dark and unfriendly streets, where gangsters, thugs and hustlers are the superstars who rule. It is here in Harlem that Push has been compelled to handle a task that happens to be right up his alley. Push has been hired to kill. Suddenly, Harlem’s lawless encounters have a new judge and jury to balance its rights and wrongs, its beefs and its scores. Reginald "Push" Jackson, the main protagonist, is a criminalized modern day hero of sorts. A hit man who is the product of the streets and the penal system, his journey is one that weaves a web of intrigue involving a multitude of characters. From the boardroom to the bedroom, from the beauty parlor to Harlem’s social hot spots, we become entangled in their world. With the holiday season as its backdrop, Push pushes its reader to the edge, then pulls them back in for more! Push isn’t just a thug, he’s every woman’s warrior and every man’s dream. And you shouldn’t take that personal.