No Ordinary Love, Selena’s Revenge by Moody Holiday
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No Ordinary Love, Selena’s Revenge
by Moody Holiday

    Publication Date:
    List Price: $15.95
    Format: Paperback, 383 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    ISBN13: 9780974631585
    Imprint: Pretty Paper Press
    Publisher: Pretty Paper Press
    Parent Company: Pretty Paper Press, LLC
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    Book Description:
    Daddy’s little girl is all grown up and someone is going to pay. All good secrets must come to an end; especially for Dr. William Davidson. After a vicious gang assault disfigures his beautiful daughter Portia, William faces the grueling task of departing from his seasoned medical career to repair his family’s tormented past. William’s first challenge is his mistress Tiffany. Following an unannounced trip to Florida, William alters her life by wiping out Tiffany’s material possessions and placing her in seclusion. Fearing future retribution, Tiffany forms a friendly alliance with Portia’s twin sister Selena to protect herself from William’s cruel and unforgiving ways. As a web of hatred and lust evolves from Justin, Portia’s ex-lover, Selena learns that the origins of her biology is a bold face lie. Convincingly, Portia plans a life of happiness with Malik and her long lost daughter Nina. She also resumes her volunteer work with Angel Flight; a dysfunctional group home for wayward girls. Portia reconnects with wild child, "Scuba," as they find a common element in their shattered pasts from the pages of Portia’s sex filled diary. In Moody Holiday’s continuing series, you must read Secrets, Portia’s Story before delving into the pages of this highly anticipated sequel!