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Don’t Let A Break Up Break You Down
by Cassandra Mack

    Publication Date:
    List Price: $20.00
    Format: Paperback, 100 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    ISBN13: 9780981661285
    Imprint: Strategies for Empowered Living
    Publisher: Strategies for Empowered Living
    Parent Company: Strategies for Empowered Living
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    Book Description:
    Breaking up sucks. Your ex dumped you. You cut him off. You both agreed to go your separate ways, even though you really didn t want to. When it s all said and done, it doesn t even matter. The feelings that follow are basically the same. You can t stop crying. You can t stop thinking about him. And you can t stop wondering: Where did we go wrong? One minute you hate him. The next minute you miss him desperately. The days drag on and the nights are absolutely torturous. You find yourself waiting by the phone hoping he calls. With the compulsion of a telemarketer, you check your email hoping he reaches out to say how sorry he is and that letting you go was all a big mistake. Lately you don t know whether you re coming or going. You re angry, depressed and confused, all at the same time. And you re starting to wonder if you ll ever feel happy again. Every love song reminds you of him. Every romantic movie reinforces how lonely you feel. Your heart is aching. Your head is spinning. And every fiber of your being longs to be with him again. No matter how much you tell yourself that you need to move on, you just can t seem to pull yourself out of this slump. Deep down, you know you need to move on. But you just can t find the wherewithal to get on with your life. And nowadays with the advent of Facebook and Twitter, getting over a break up is increasingly hard to do. This is where, Don t Let A Break-Up, Break You Down, comes in. It s a break-up survival guide designed to help you get through your break-up with your self-respect and dignity intact because as sad and as bad as you feel right now, this break-up doesnt have to break you down. In this book, you ll receive my break-up survival rules which are bite-sized strategies designed to help you do three things: put your break-up into perspective, refuse to get trapped in relationship purgatory and take proactive steps to move forward. Also included are the Crazy Pages, which are blank pages specifically designed for you to put the crazy on paper so that you don t bring your crazy onto the job, out in cyberspace or onto your ex s front lawn.

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