Book Cover Image of Betrayal Served Cold by Eva Tremaine

Betrayal Served Cold
by Eva Tremaine

    Publication Date: Jul 26, 2015
    List Price: $9.99
    Format: Paperback, 200 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    ISBN13: 9780983880233
    Imprint: Eva Tremaine
    Publisher: Eva Tremaine
    Parent Company: Eva Tremaine

    Paperback Description:

    Betrayal Served Cold is a story of secrets, lies, and deceit that eventually catches up to everyone. From the outside, Gregory and Angela Washington seem to have it all: a lavish home, successful careers, and the prestige that most people seek. With all that they have, their desire to have children eludes them. A fact that Gregory and Angela are struggling to accept. Storm clouds are brewing for this power couple. Angela is fighting to hold on to the love of her husband as she mourns the devastating news that she will never have children. Gregory is still very much in love with his wife, but he finds himself making choices that have dire consequences. Will their love be enough to sustain them? When the storm clears, who will be left standing? Betrayal Served Cold delivers a betrayal so cold, it will surely chill you to the bone!

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