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Be Epic
by Hisani P. Dubose

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    Being happy does not mean that everything goes your way and you never have problems. Nor does it mean you can push a button or take a pill to escape difficulties. Your life is a great journey and the key is to find your passion and live it. If your passion is taking care of children work with or open a day care center. If you love physics pursue that road. The point is we all have to work in some capacity to support ourselves so don’t be afraid to explore and discover what you love doing. This may sound like a fairytale but its not.

    Open yourself up to new information, new places, cultures, adventures. Don’t hold on to old opinions, grudges or even thoughts. This approach to life will not protect you from disappointments, emotional pain, loss, or any of the upsets that accompany being a human. It will help you deal with life differently and not hold yourself back. I hope you will find my story engaging, challenging, comforting and even a mirror. Every human being can Be Epic!

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