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Sunshine @ Midnight
by Nina Oteria

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    Classification: Poetry
    ISBN13: 9781257324064
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    Nina as a college student, Wake Forest University
    Nina as a college student, Wake Forest University

    “In life, we all have storms - midnights, so to speak. We long for comfort in those times, to know that in the end everything will come out okay. I have written many of these poems during my own times of darkness and have been encouraged by them because of the truth they hold.

    It is difficult to wait for the end of hardship, but it always comes. It is our job to keep believing God for it and to never give up hope. God does not want us to wait until we get to heaven to experience the joy, peace and fulfillment He has for our souls. We can experience it here, even when the sky is falling.” —Nina Oteria (from the preface)

    About the Book
    A young poet shares her journey of faith through poems and musings that describe the human condition of apathy, heartache, oppression and sorrow. Wrestling with these emotions in faith, she brings the reader with her to the place of grace, unyielding resolve and surrender to a God who loves without fail.

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