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Crazy Love
by Desiree Day

    Publication Date:
    List Price: $6.99
    Format: Mass Market Paperback, 354 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    ISBN13: 9781416527008
    Imprint: Simon & Schuster
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster, Inc.
    Parent Company: CBS Corporation
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    Book Description:
    This story about two best friends and too many lovers is totally outrageous…A bright new voice in African-American women’s fiction delivers a sexy, scandalous, scintillating read. Stacie Long thinks she’s God’s gift to men and she keeps a list of qualities (phat ride, freak in bed…) that she’s looking for in an ideal mate. But behind all her confidence she’s got a secret - one that even her best friend doesn’t know about. One that might just keep her forever searching for her perfect man. Tameeka Johnson is a successful businesswoman who owns one of Atlanta’s top wellness shops. But even with business booming, success in her bedroom is at an all-time low. Then, when she meets her black prince - a loving man who promises to treat her like gold - her insecurities about her sizeable body may just keep her from living the dream. Stacie and Tameeka are super tight, but their friendship is tested by sexy NBA players, baby mama drama and temptation like they’ve never known before. Because if there’s one thing these girls like better than each other, it’s men.

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