Book Cover Image of Puffy: People Whose Hair Defies Gravity by Aya de León

Puffy: People Whose Hair Defies Gravity
by Aya de León

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    Format: Paperback, 26 pages
    Classification: Nonfiction
    Target Age Group: Picture Book
    ISBN13: 9781494436773
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    Publisher: On-Demand Publishing LLC
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    Paperback Description:

    Puffy: people whose hair defies gravity is a children’s book of text and photographs featuring kids, teens, adults, and families with naturally puffy hair. Writer/performer/educator Aya de Le n put out a call for photos. Individuals and families from far and wide submitted pictures that reflect the pride, wonder, and delight that so many people feel in having hair that defies gravity.

    We live in a world that works to subdue the natural exuberance of children in a myriad of ways, and this includes attempts to subdue their hair. The Puffy Hair Project is a celebration of the authentic, untamed self as expressed through our hair. The selection of photos primarily reflects people of the African diaspora, and it includes people of Asian, Latina/o, Arab, and Jewish heritage, as well. It is designed to provide puffy-haired kids with positive images, and to provide all of us with an opportunity to celebrate the wonderful diversity of our world.

    The text is inspired by the simple yet memorable style of Dr. Seuss:

    “Puffy here.
    Puffy there.
    Yay I love my puffy hair.”

    “This is a great book for children and their friends of all ages. It has a classic form, lyrical rhythms, and wonderful photographs that reflect a great variety of the puffy-haired. A much-needed addition to any and all libraries.” -Paci Hammond, elementary school librarian, Oakland, CA.

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