Book Cover Image of Hello, Sunshine: 5 Habits to UNCLOUD Your Day by Alice Faye Duncan

Hello, Sunshine: 5 Habits to UNCLOUD Your Day
by Alice Faye Duncan

    Publication Date: Sep 23, 2014
    List Price: $5.80
    Format: Paperback, 34 pages
    Classification: Nonfiction
    ISBN13: 9781502421111
    Imprint: CreateSpace
    Publisher: On-Demand Publishing LLC
    Parent Company:, Inc.

    Paperback Description:

    This book is a HAPPY PILL for readers who must achieve their dreams under scattered clouds that sometimes block the sun. These 5 Habits will help readers manage stress, inspire their creativity and bring them joy. In five personal essays, Alice Faye Duncan, uses fodder from her childhood and 20 years as a professional writer to illustrate the power of gratitude, silence, benevolence, forgiveness and tenacity. These essays discuss the efficacy of each habit, while sharing humorous anecdotes from Alice’s journey. No matter what the weather brings, this book will offer readers a burst of sunlight. HELLO, SUNSHINE includes a list of SUNNY DELIGHTS where readers will find movies, music and books to enlighten their perspective and brighten their mood. Each chapter begins with a power quote by historical figures like Alexander Graham Bell, Mother Teresa and Dr. King. Each chapter ends with an affirming Bible verse. Here is a tiny book that is power-packed with BIG principles and wisdom that will bless readers’ lives, again and again. It is the first book in a Stress Management series published by Museum Creations Incorporated (MCI). This series was created for readers who want to keep themselves moving forward as they tackle the challenges of work, family, entrepreneurship and artistic ambitions. Don’t hoard the sunshine. Share these habits with others until your home, your job, and this great big world is a happy place to be.

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