Book Cover Image of An Investigation and Study of the White People of America and Western Europe by Tony Rose

An Investigation and Study of the White People of America and Western Europe
by Tony Rose

    Publication Date: Mar 09, 2016
    List Price: $15.95
    Format: Paperback, 164 pages
    Classification: Nonfiction
    ISBN13: 9781937269487
    Imprint: Amber Communications Group, Inc.
    Publisher: Amber Communications Group, Inc.
    Parent Company: Amber Communications Group, Inc.

    Paperback Description:
    FROM THE INTRODUCTION - AN INVESTIGATION OF DONALD TRUMP AND THE "WHITE MAN." Donald Trump, currently running for President of the United States of America, is the epitome of "The White Man’s," white privilege and power in America. He is a throwback to every "White Man" who terrorized, demoralized, massacred, enslaved, raped, abused, and destroyed every African, Native American and African American in Africa and America. He is what every "White Man" in America wants to be again. They, "The White Man," want America back so that they are free to keep all the colored people in their place. Free to be cruel harbingers of racism and prejudice. Free to take away every right, African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanic Americans and Asian Americans have lived, fought and died for in the tens of millions to get. Free to make America "The White Man’s" domicile and round up, keep in our place, deport, destroy, keep jobless, poor, and begging to our so-called white masters and free to be politically incorrect. These ignorant white people actually believe that Donald Trump cares about them and will make America white for "The White Man" again and when Donald J. Trump becomes the President of the White People of the United States of America, he damn well will do all that for "The White Man" and much, much, more. Donald Trump’s ’Make America Great Again’ slogan is a call to all racists and White Supremacist that he will take America back to the good old days of White oppression and terrorism. He the great Donald Trump will ’Make America Great Again’ for "The White Man." Donald Trump is a wealthy, stupid, racist, greedy, evil, vicious, fat, ignorant, white bully, who has little regard for anybody, much less African Americans, and if elected will prey upon the weakest and poorest of men. He is a man born to great privilege and wealth, who is selling himself as a man of the white people of America. He is ready to be their leader, much as Hitler was ready to lead the white people of Germany. He is saying what "The White Man" in America secretly wishes and wants, much like Hitler did in Germany, which is to dominate and control the world with his White Supremacist views and subjugate all the people of color in it. "The White Man" has been responsible since they crawled out of Greece and Rome for wars that have brought suffering and death to countless trillions of people on earth. But, there was no greater mass murderer and serial killer than Adolph Hitler, who much like Donald Trump is preying on the lower middle class of America, preyed upon the lower middle class Aryan white people of Germany, telling them to take their country back, to make Germany great again, and led them to the slaughter and destruction of hundreds of millions of people all over the world, including themselves. And now right here in America, Hitler has been reborn in the form of a wealthy white privileged, German immigrant scion, "White Man," named Donald Trump and the white media can’t get enough of him, thinking he is just some harmless asshole. If elected President of the United States of America he will bring more death, destruction, poverty, abuse and terrorism to untold millions of Black people and people of color in this country and around the world. This is secretly, under the covers, in the night, what "The White Man" of America really wants. He will keep his promise to "The White Man" and along with America’s white police force, keep the Black ghettos and projects of America under siege and terrorized.

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