Book Cover Image of Kings of the Block 2 by Dwan Williams

Kings of the Block 2
by Dwan Williams

    Publication Date: Mar 21, 2019
    List Price: $14.99
    Format: Paperback, 220 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    ISBN13: 9781947340367
    Imprint: Good2go Publishing
    Publisher: Good2go Publishing
    Parent Company: Good2go Publishing

    Paperback Description:

    Mark knows Tosha still has feelings for him, but now that his secret is out, she won’t be with him until he is off of the streets for good. That means he and his brother have to work harder, so he can get out of the game and finally be with his true love again.

    But life is good, and with women, money, and cars, the Williams Brothers feel like they have it all—the kings on the block. Little do they know not everyone is happy about their success and the way they’ve been conducting themselves, and their days are now numbered. Will Mark finally get his chance to be with Tosha, or will the streets claim him as their own.

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