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Just War: By Howard Zinn
by Howard Zinn

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    From the author of the classic college campus favorite and perennial seller A People’s History of the United States comes a short, intense polemic on the political direction of those United States, leading toward what seems to Zinn like perpetual war. Just War is based on a lecture given in Rome, where, as Zinn addressed an Italian audience, a public known for its negative opinions of recent American foreign policy, he could be direct about his own feelings. "I come from a country which is at war, as it has been almost continuously: and for that I feel shame." His rousing call to the only "just war," the "war against war," which concludes that "perhaps it will take a combination of factors to end war: but we must all play a part," is a must-read for those who know and trust his work, and, for those concerned about current events and looking for strong and morally driven perspectives, it is an excellent introduction to a great thinker.

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