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Book Review: Getting up and Getting on

Getting up and Getting on
by MBridges

    Publication Date:
    List Price: $14.95 (store prices may vary)
    Format: Paperback
    Classification: Fiction
    Page Count: 368
    ISBN13: 9780976444114
    Imprint: LOF Publishing
    Publisher: LOF Publishing
    Parent Company: LOF Publishing

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    Time Can Help Heal Wounds

    Second time novelist MBridges is back with another Betty Jean title; Getting Up and Getting On. This time her protagonist, Betty Jean Carlson from her debut novel Are You Satisfied, Yet?, is getting her act together and moving on...or so she thinks. Yet, as the past comes back to bite her in the butt, Betty Jean learns she is stronger than before and strongly focused on finding her destiny.

    Betty Jean is your younger sister, your best friend, your co-worker and/or your neighbor down the street all balled up in one. She is the average, contemporary, African American, young woman struggling in a not-to-friendly world. You will applaud this writer as she portrays wit, charm and intelligence in her character. The sub-characters are Sheila, Betty Jean's best friend and personal assistant, and black men of substance, intelligence, wealth and sophistication. In following these men through the story, you surely want to believe there are still some good black men to be had.

    Another interesting issue is the women's dating scene and their desire to develop lasting relationships. I loved the de Monbleau Family's plush lifestyle. Despite having a wealth of material possessions, they maintained their values and moral upbringing.  The author also delighted the reviewer with that extra touch of mystery in the storyline that kept me guessing as the story progressed.

    MBridges has a natural gift of storytelling and writes books that are easy to follow and keeps the reader interested. No part of the book dragged, and twists and turns were not always predictable. I look forward to more visits with Betty Jean, her friends and associates in future releases. Getting Up and Getting On is a combination of chick lit’ and women's contemporary fiction. It touched my heart and tickled my funny bone, page after page.

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    Printed: January 16, 2018, 9:05 pm
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