Book Review: An Affirmation Nite Baby Nite

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by Irene Smalls

    Publication Date: Sep 09, 2022
    List Price: $9.99
    Format: Paperback, 30 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    Target Age Group: Picture Book
    ISBN13: 9781959267003
    Imprint: Amazon Digital Services
    Publisher: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
    Parent Company:, Inc.

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    Book Reviewed by Sandra W. Headen

    An Affirmation: Nite Baby Nite is a gift to parents, grandparents, and everyone who loves children and picture books. Even more, it is a treasure to babies of color. The beautiful pictures and sensitive text encourage the development of a positive self-image by describing the babies with luscious, culturally affirming words such as melanined, chocolate berry, cocoa butter, and brown sugar plum.

    Young children fight sleep with all of their might. An Affirmation: Nite Baby Nite is a go to sleep book that takes babies on a series of adventures where they are introduced to improbable places to sleep: in the crescent of the moon, floating on a river, in a tree with blackbirds peeping loudly, or in a mountain cave. After all of the excitement, Mama and Daddy rescue baby, showing that the safest and the best place to fall asleep is in their arms.

    In addition to being an excellent go to sleep picture book, An Affirmation: Nite Baby Nite offers an extraordinary asset in the front of the book: a primer for caregivers on two important topics. First, guidelines from the American Association of Pediatricians on safe and proper ways to put baby to sleep are provided, including how to position the child’s body and where a child should and should not be allowed to sleep. The primer also offers ten tips on how to create a rich and valuable reading experience for the child, including the types of books to read to babies of color, how to interact with baby while reading, and ways in which baby can interact with the books themselves. A reference for this list would have been helpful. Now, the goal of all of this preparation to read is crystal clear: to create in babies and young children what the author calls “Book Joy”!

    I can envision this joy blossoming night after night in homes all around the world. Knowing that An Affirmation: Nite Baby Nite will be there to inspire families for generations to come is encouraging and makes me hopeful for the future.

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