Book Review: Insignificant Others

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by Pynk and Carol Taylor

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Book Reviewed by Anita Doreen Diggs

Award winning authors, Pynk and Carol Taylor have written two original tales for Insignificant Others. Fans will love both stories, which have one thing in common: Sex.

Erotic City: Miami by Pynk is the story of Milan Lewis and her husband, Lavender Lewis, who own the hottest swinger’s club in the city. It is a place for free spirits who enjoy sex with perfect (and imperfect) strangers…a world with no taboos where everything and anything goes. “Is that thing real?” asked the shapely woman in red whose eyes were fixated on the tall man with a ten-inch hard-on protruding from the opening of his white boxers.”

The Lewises have it all: money, a gorgeous house and a 13-year-old boy ((Lavender’s son from a previous relationship) named Taj. The drama starts when Lavender receives a demand for custody from Taj’s maternal grandmother. As if that isn’t enough, Milan knows and trusts her husband but there is a rumor going around that he is straying with Big Booty Trudy. While this couple handle family problems and run two successful businesses, they also enjoy the steamy adventures at Erotic City. A fun story that does what erotica is supposed to do: keep the reader constantly engrossed in sexual activity.

In The Ex Chronicles: Plan B by Carol Taylor, three friends battle their individual lusty longings for the wrong men while a fourth tries to stay sober. Their stories take us from New York to London and Amsterdam. Plan B exposes the shadowy side of salaciousness as the friends realize that they must kick their sexual attachments or be imprisoned by them.

Hope is Editor-in-Chief of Shades, the magazine she has worked hard to build. She is also engaged to Derrick Reynolds. However, she is not sure if she is really in love with him or if he just proposed to her at a time when she was vulnerable. To find out, she has a hot one-night stand with a handsome businessman named Max.

Precious is the Articles Editor at Shades. She was once engaged to sexy Darius but broke off the wedding plans when he cheated on her. Now he is back and Precious is hoping that he is a new man.

Bella is the daughter of wealthy parents. She is a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, fresh out of rehab and away from her other addiction, a hot flame named Julius. After helping Precious over her heartbreak when Darius returns to his cheating ways, Bella pours a vodka and orange juice and then stops. Why not call the new man she met earlier in the day and let him spend the night?

Zenobia is a biracial beauty who had to leave Malcolm because he could not be faithful. She has started a new life and is part owner of NOW Model Management. When she hears his siren call again, the memory of their steamy nights pulls her right back into his orbit. The Ex-Chronicles, while engrossing and well written, is not technically erotica. The sex scenes exist not for their own sake but as an integral part of narrative.

While the writing styles and purposes of these two women are different, the result is an enjoyable and satisfying read. Insignificant Others: Erotic Novellas will appeal to readers for whom steamy sex is not enough. Grab this book if you need it Triple X.

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