Book Cover Image of Insignificant Others by Pynk and Carol Taylor

Insignificant Others
by Pynk and Carol Taylor

Publication Date: May 01, 2013
List Price: Unavailable
Format: Kindle eBook, 302 pages
Classification: Fiction
Imprint: Insatiable Press
Publisher: Insatiable Press
Parent Company: Insatiable Press

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Kindle eBook Description:

Erotic City: Miami—It’s 2012 and what happened in 2008 at the controversial Erotic City swingers club in Atlanta is a distant memory. Now, with a second club located in Miami, Milan Kennedy and her heavyweight boxer husband, Lavender Lewis, have moved to Miami to raise his son. Lavender’s loony baby’s mama is serving time in prison for the attempted murder of Milan. For now all seems quiet, that is until Milan and Lavender are served child custody papers, and also, a test of fidelity arises just as the couple plans to add to their family, and expand their thriving business. Milan questions the very meaning of the lifestyle itself, and doubts the purpose of her own career as a swingers club owner, providing significant others a playground for fornication. The newest location, Erotic City: Miami, is a huge success, but at what cost?

The Ex Chronicles: Plan B—Funny, erotic, sexy, and insightful, The Ex Chronicles: Plan B reveals the darker side of desire, when four women must overcome their lust or be trapped by it. Bourgie Hope, the editorial director of Shades magazine, fell in love with Derrick, a single dad from the projects, while at her wits end. Derrick proposed to Hope and she was ecstatic. But she’s now wondering if it’s too much too soon, especially when she meets the sexy and seductive Max. Precious, a Shades editor, left her cheating fiancé Darius. She’s now back with him; hoping that this time he really will change. Bella, the wild child of rich parents, burned out on drugs, alcohol, and on her enabling ex Julius, then went to rehab. Now her parents are threatening to cut her off if she doesn’t get a job. Half-Jamaican, half-British Zenobia sacrificed a successful modeling career for her cheating ex, Malcolm. Now she’s with David, but Malcolm wants her back. As we follow these best friends, they must cope with not only their careers and their past, but also their cheating exes and the love they still have for them. They each need a Plan B.