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Click for more detail about Blue Sun: A C. J. Cavanaugh Mystery by Michael R. Lane Blue Sun: A C. J. Cavanaugh Mystery

by Michael R. Lane
Bare Bones Press (Sep 01, 2017)
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Alice and Don Harriman are the owners of Blue Sun, the largest residential real estate and construction service in the Pacific northwest. When a house cleaner stumbles upon two masked men holding Don Harriman at gunpoint in his own bedroom, she is able to flee the scene before being captured. Outside, neighbors from this quiet, affluent, suburban neighborhood respond to her screams for help. They patiently listen as she frantically tells her harrowing tale. Two of the neighbors bravely venture inside the Harriman house to investigate. They find nothing, no men, no body, and no sign of a struggle. The police investigation supports their findings. There is no physical evidence to substantiate the house cleaner’s claim. It is only later, when Don Harriman’s beaten body is found floating in the Willamette River, that the house cleaner is believed.

Private Investigator C. J. Cavanaugh receives a mysterious text from the part owner of Blue Sun moments before he is abducted. The text is gibberish and C. J. has no idea who Don Harriman is. For the Cavanaugh investigation team, what began as minor events sets off a shockwave of discoveries that lead to intrigue, narcotics trafficking, violence and murder.

Click for more detail about Mortal Thoughts by Michael R. Lane Mortal Thoughts

by Michael R. Lane
Bare Bones Press (Jun 25, 2017)
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As a teenager, Michael Lane only wrote when necessary. He had nothingagainst writing: he was - and is - an avid reader. He simply saw no need towrite outside of satisfying his academic requirements. That was before he spenttime with poetry. Poetry became his first creative writing love. They begandating in high school and she remains his longest running love affair.

The idea for Mortal Thoughts— not in name but in body — began taking shape for him in November 2015.Michael - like so many others - wade in the erratic waters of intellect andmortality and all of the precious cognitive and ethereal lakes, rivers andstreams that congregate between. Michael has been blessed to hone thosetemporal thoughts into poetry over the years, an extraordinary written art formthat for whatever reason arises in him during his most mystifying times. Whydoes poetry so readily lend itself to the essence of transcendentaldeliberations, stoic cogitations and silly musings? The riposte is as simple asdreaming and as complex as mud. It does. For Michael, the answer begins andends there, unveiling the journey as in the title, "Mortal Thoughts."

Staring skyward at night-light / flickering stars yawn and wink / royalblue canvas eclipses daylight / moonlight on my bedspread plays. (1-4)

Mortal Thoughts is aculmination of decades of intimate conversations poetry and Michael has shared.The topics range from love to hate, hope and despair. There is socialcommentary, introspection, nature, observations, and more. Some of the poemsmay come at you in a whisper. Others scream in your face. Most of his poetryrequests a brief audience to share an interesting insight or revelation.Michael hopes that you will enjoy reading the poems in Mortal Thoughts as much as he enjoyed writing them.

Click for more detail about Sandbox by Michael R. Lane Sandbox

by Michael R. Lane
Bare Bones Press (May 10, 2017)
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Sandbox serves up eclectic savory and sweet fare. Here are samples to whet your appetite.

“I hold before me a blank page
(my mind)” (“Blank Pages”)

“The Great Equalizer of low caste and high
ferments human remains of kind and evil.” (“The Nature of Dust (Form 3))”

“It cost him another dream today,
utopian placebo
then boiled,” (“Junkie”)

“We impart to each other
derogatory lies regarding
other races or cultures,” (“Blood and Vinegar”)

“In a pupil that twinkles,
an ant discovers a crumb of bread” (“In The Blink of an Eye”)

“A delicate pink rose
pressed flat
between satin white pages
of a bound journal” (“Pink Rose”)

“We file on public transportation
joining strange faces and foreign bodies,
a kindred throng.” (“This Is Our Way”)

“We have touched one another
as light touches images to eyes,
a flash,” (“Human Contact”)

“Her lips varied in motion
apparently in speech,
curling at ends
displaying alabaster teeth,” (“Infatuation”)

“Out there,
she waits,
dissecting her life,” (“Longings”)

“She asked me to explain why I love her.” (“Scripture”)

Click for more detail about UFOs and Gods: a Collection of Short Stories by Michael R. Lane UFOs and Gods: a Collection of Short Stories

by Michael R. Lane
Bare Bones Press (Nov 01, 2016)
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UFOs and God is not single-themed but a medley of characters kayaking their way through the erratic channels of life. Some of these stories are sharp edged and made to cut you emotionally to the quick. Others are inviting like a warm cozy room on a bitter cold day. A couple—it is hoped—will simply make you laugh.

In “Wake Up,” a man decides each morning whether he is to live or die, while “The Virgin Bank Robber” is an unorthodox love story about a modern Robin Hood couple who are finally caught by the law. “UFOs and God” is the story of a beloved believer in UFOs and aliens who maintains her beliefs right up until the end, while “War” tells the story of two brave soldiers, one black and one white, who find themselves trapped in the same foxhole during World War II. “Job Search” explores a young man’s search for more than a job but a meaningful career. “The Zany World of Al, Nitro, Dynamite & Their Dog Blaze,” is a twisted parody on our obsession with violence and destruction as forms of entertainment, and after being financially devastated by the 2008 economic crash, Mason Hammer makes a bold decision to live out a long-held dream in “Echoes.”

From farm to urban, from World War II to the Digital Age, the places and times, people and events in UFOs and God spotlight the tender underbelly of the human condition in all its glory and despair on these varied stages of fiction.

Click for more detail about The Gem Connection by Michael R. Lane The Gem Connection

by Michael R. Lane
Bare Bones Press (Apr 20, 2016)
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Clinton Windell is murdered and robbed of twenty million dollars in uncut gems. C. J. Cavanaugh is hired to root out the murderers. There’s only one catch. C. J. and his partner must keep mum they’re working the case. Between the killers, Homicide Detective Pendleton, and their client, C. J. must utilize every ounce of cunning to keep him and his partner out of prison or the morgue long enough to capture the killers…

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Click for more detail about Emancipation by Michael R. Lane Emancipation

by Michael R. Lane
Bare Bones Press (Aug 03, 2010)
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Emancipation is a compilation of linked-stories focusing on a cross-section of Americans. Gratey Johnson is a PSTD war veteran whose combat hell has left him a shattered man struggling to corral his demons. Parents, grandparents, children, lovers, executive, thief, cop, educator, and drug dealer join Gratey in sharing their unique tales. From their insightful journeys, the lesson learned is that we possess more common threads that bind us than differences that divide.

Click for more detail about Rough Cut by Michael R. Lane Rough Cut

by Michael R. Lane
Bare Bones Press (Jan 01, 2002)
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Click for more detail about Willie’s Market by Michael R. Lane Willie’s Market

by Michael R. Lane
Bare Bones Press (Jan 01, 2002)
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Abraham and Winona Stone are owners of a corner grocery store in a small urban community known as East Liberty, a safe but not so restful place. Amongst their friends and neighbors personal battles are being waged. They include: Theresa Peoples, a beautician during the week and nude dancer on weekends, whose only desire is to raise her teenage son and be accepted as part of the community. Jessie Wilkerson, a mysterious, easygoing, self-appointed neighborhood philosopher searching for a place to finally call home. The Widow Powell, a long time community fixture clinging hard to the past. Reverend Embry Wilshire, a man determined to redeem lost souls, his own being the most challenging. Virginia Lovejoy, a beautiful, seductive, shrewd woman of questionable virtues, devoted to stealing Abe Stone from his wife. Wallace Hickman, a steel mill worker, devout family man and one of Abe’s closest friends, whose only sin is he works too much. Darius X, a young Muslim seeking his own truths while obsessed with helping his brethren remove their societal shackles.