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Click for more detail about Perfect Combination: Seven Key Ingredients To Happily Living & Loving Together by Jamillah Lamb and David Lamb Perfect Combination: Seven Key Ingredients To Happily Living & Loving Together

by Jamillah Lamb and David Lamb
Between The Lines Productions, Inc. (Feb 16, 2012)
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Perfect Combination: Seven Key Ingredients to Happily Living & Loving Together

Finally a relationship book that deals with real life and real love. Written by a couple who have found (and worked at!) a true and lasting love, Perfect Combination teaches the 7 key ingredients to live and love together, all while keeping it 100% honest.

This book is like sitting down at the kitchen table and having that couple you admire tell you everything: the good, the not-so-good, and what you need to know to triumph in love while still remaining true to who you are. In Perfect Combination, Jamillah and David take you behind the scenes of a relationship put to the test: working side by side 24/7; the day-to-day financial worries that can stress any pair; and a painful, but ultimately happy journey to having their first child.

Each chapter in the book tells real life stories in a unique conversational style, with Jamillah and David playing off each other with honesty, harmony and a healthy dose of humor. Each section ends with a key ’ingredient’ that sums up what any couple can learn to transform their own relationships. It is also packed with practical tips for "cooking up" love and romance.

If you think this book is about some "perfect couple" that never have a fight or haven’t overcome serious struggles, you’re in for a surprise. Being a "perfect combination" doesn’t mean never having a conflict… it means working together to answer the questions: What is Love? What is Romance? What is Marriage?

Jamillah & David have:

Each suffered with past relationship-sabotaging behaviors they found hard to let go Battled themselves and each other about what was important in their pastStruggled to figure out that mutual appreciation is more important than gender rolesHelped each other through hurting times on the way to becoming a familyLearned you’ve got to let yourself learn love lessons, even when you don’t like the lesson
If you’ve read relationship books in the past, and thought, "that sounds great, but how do you actually do that?" then Perfect Combination is for written for you. This book goes deeper than typical relationship books, romance novels, and romance movies.

Men, you’ll recognize yourselves in David’s struggle to drop his suspicious nature and eventually sacrificing his fear of vulnerability by choosing love above all. You’ll smile to yourself when you read David admitting sometimes he expects Jamillah to read his mind and know what he wants.

Women, you’ll see yourself in Jamillah’s painfully honest struggle to realize that she could let herself be cared about and cared for without it being a sign of weakness. You’ll cheer her courage as she leaves a comfortable corporate job to help them both live out a dream.

And you’ll discover many more powerful stories and lessons when you read Perfect Combination.

Jamillah and David are the creative force behind the successful off-Broadway play, Platanos Y Collard Greens, currently in its 9th year running. Now they bring you their secrets on how any couple can strengthen their love and create a harmony of work, friendship and respect.
"You will do yourself a favor by reading ’Perfect Combination: Seven Key Ingredients for Happily Living and Loving Together.’ Jamillah and David’s honesty is refreshing as they open up on overcoming emotional baggage to discover the best love has to offer. I couldn’t put it down as I laughed loud and teared up while reading. The book is an inspiration and great reminder that love is a verb. Perfect Combination’s key ingredients help sweeten the relationship you are already in, or prep you for love to come. Bon Appétit!" Charreah K. Jackson, Dating Coach and ESSENCE  Magazine Associate Editor

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Click for more detail about Madness and Ruin: Politics and the Economy in the Neoconservative Age by Mel Watkins Madness and Ruin: Politics and the Economy in the Neoconservative Age

by Mel Watkins
Between The Lines Productions, Inc. (Nov 19, 1992)
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In this collection of articles, Mel Watkins, one of Canada’s foremost political economists, demystifies the business of economics and economic policy. In a clearsighted and entertaining manner, he explores the roots of recession, the role of the NDP, and the Gulf War.