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Click for more detail about Finding Heaven in the Dark by William L. Ingram Finding Heaven in the Dark

by William L. Ingram
Dog Ear Publishing (Jul 22, 2016)
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A cross-country hitchhiking trek is the backdrop of this personal odyssey of the 17-year-old William L. Ingram, the author of Finding Heaven In The Dark. The tumultuous 1960s themes of race relations, political turmoil, assassinations, and the Vietnam War also play major roles as Mr. Ingram recounts the events surrounding his self-destructive rebellion and desertion from the Marine Corps.

William’s dark journey began with his birth to a young, Black American, unwed mother in 1949, and takes the reader on a spiritual journey of a fugitive living in a Los Angeles skid row rescue mission. What happens next is both insightful and truly compelling. The author’s search for a purposeful life view and identity is inspiring and will resonate with anyone who has questioned the deeper meaning of life.

This Christ-centered spiritual tale of loss and redemption could read like a story from the Bible, but it is William Ingram’s testimony to his love of the life-affirming principals of the “Be Still and Know” Christian Meditation that guided him through his Bright Passage to the shores of Heaven.

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Click for more detail about Misled by Tony Ginyard Misled

by Tony Ginyard
Dog Ear Publishing (Aug 12, 2015)
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A dangerous killer is loose in Philadelphia, brutally murdering pre-op transgender people, and a detective a week away from retirement becomes collateral damage. Beloved investigative reporter Pamela Downing begins investigating the case, even as her own life is threatened. The body count continues to rise, threatening everyone connected to the case.

Bryce Haddaway, Pamela’s best friend, seems to have it all, just like his celebrity pal, but her public humiliation and its fallout lead to devastation for all involved. Within 24 hours, their lives irrevocably change, thanks to broken promises, violence and a fragile psyche that comes close to the breaking point. As events continue to spiral out of control, the desire for revenge leads someone to the point of no return.

Misled stars a cast of characters pushed to the brink, turning to unbridled passion even as they find they must fight to stay one step ahead of the killer. It only takes one match to light a fire, and the thrills and eroticism of this novel take readers on a rollercoaster of emotion.

This is the second novel for Tony Ginyard, who served as a law enforcement specialist with the U.S. Air Force. The Philadelphia native, who now lives in South Philadelphia with his husband, has spent time in California, Texas, New Jersey and Europe.


Click for more detail about Learning To Stay: The 12 Keys by Stephanie Miller Learning To Stay: The 12 Keys

by Stephanie Miller
Dog Ear Publishing (Feb 17, 2010)
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Learning to Stay is an empowering journey of enlightenment to Divine self-discovery and change as experienced through the eyes of one woman’s escape from her addictive affair. Just as she was ready to leave her marriage and follow in the footsteps of her ancestors, the truth of her deception was revealed. This confrontation opened the door to confession, ultimately leading to her decision to stay and fight for her marriage. Her choice to stay birthed The 12 Keys. Each of the keys builds upon the next prompting change and immense personal growth. The 12 Keys are sure to heal anyone suffering from an addiction, be it alcohol, drugs, sex, food, self-pitty or even negativity. Thought provoking questions and exercises are provided at the end of each chapter, encouraging the reader to participate, rather than merely observe. These amazing keys are sure to revolutionize every 12 step program in existence today.

Stephanie grew up in the Midwest. She has two sisters and a brother. As siblings they witnessed several divorces between each of their parents. Consequently, Stephanie desperately wanted to know what a healthy, happy, long lasting marriage looked like. She attended Grace University seeking her Masters Degree in counseling with an emphasis on marriage. Although she learned the techniques within her mind, she didn’t quite trust the principles within her heart and thus struggled in relationships. It wasn’t until she met her husband did she experience true commitment and finally understood what her professors were teaching. Her desire for change propelled her into her passion today. Stephanie and her husband Chris are certified Life Coaches with Going Next Level People Development and authorities on premarital and marital coaching. They have developed the 12 Key Seminars in order help others escape from addictions and find success in marriage.

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