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Lynched by Corporate America: The Gripping True Story of How One African American Survived Doing Business with a Fortune 500 Giant

by Herman Malone
HM-RS Publishing (Nov 20, 2006)
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"A true story of one man’s courage in challenging an international corporate giant on race discrimination in a U.S. courthouse that is absolutely remarkable. A case study that all of America must read." - Parren J. Mitchell, Former Member, U.S. Congress . . . . . "A very compelling and thought-provoking book . . . will guarantee to keep your interest high . . ." - James Earl "Chip" Carter III, Businessman . . . . . "Teaches us about the vision, understanding, and perseverance it takes to bring purpose in one’s life. God has smiled upon you. The sacrifice and treatment you experienced is almost biblical." - Dr. Acen L. Phillips, Bishop, A. L. Phillips Ministries. . . . . In the fall of 1969 two white cops drove future African-American business leader Herman Malone past a swamp near his hometown of Camden, Arkansas, and threatened to drown him there if he didn’t leave town immediately. Thirty years later, Malone found himself sinking into the morass of America’s legal system. With co-author Robert Schwab, Malone now delivers an eye-opening narrative of corporate discrimination and legal injustice. Their riveting firsthand account tells: 1. How US West (now Qwest Communications International Inc.) systematically canceled contracts with African-American suppliers; 2. How the National Black Chamber of Commerce fought back with lawsuits and public pressure; and, 3. How Herman Malone, the President and CEO of RMES Communications and recipient of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Social Responsibility Award, staked everything he had achieved as a business and community leader in a courageous stand against institutional racism and flourished even in the face of adversity. This is one man’s story of standing up to the system and demanding justice. Unflinchingly, Malone risks everything to uphold the ideal of social and economic parity.

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