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Click for more detail about Life As A Single Mom: It Isn’t Easy, Or Is It? by Stephanie M. Clark Life As A Single Mom: It Isn’t Easy, Or Is It?

by Stephanie M. Clark
MDK Media, Inc. (Oct 26, 2007)
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As a single mom you may sometimes feel that you are all alone on your journey to raise a healthy, productive child. You are not by yourself. Parenting is not easy especially when you are doing it on your own. This book provides moms practical steps toward reclaiming their parent power and raising healthy, productive children. You will also read heartfelt stories of several resilient, inspiring single moms who are dealing with the very same challenges, both as women and single moms that you may be facing today or will face at some point as a single mom Through the practical parenting tips and stories shared by single moms, you will learn how to overcome some of life’s toughest obstacles as a woman first, then as a single mom. There is a special chapter for single teen moms and those who may be putting themselves at risk of becoming a teenage mom. Although the book focuses on "Life As A Single Mom" raising daughters, it is a must read and applicable to every mother or caregiver raising sons and daughters and a lessons learned guide for every teen girl.

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