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Click for more detail about The Twisted Crown by Anita Bunkley The Twisted Crown

by Anita Bunkley
Rinard Publishing (Aug 01, 2018)
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The Twisted Crown takes readers from the bustling streets of Boston at the height of the Abolitionist movement to the war-ravaged landscape of Reconstruction-era South Carolina.

In 1867, Eva Phillips, who was born a slave yet lived in freedom, travels across the chaotic landscape of South Carolina in search of the mother who gave her away. During her journey, she is befriended by a black political activist promoting the rights of the newly freed slaves, a wealthy northern Carpetbagger, and a gutsy lady gambler who teaches Eva how to survive in the tumultuous Post-war environment.
When the spirited young widow’s quest draws her into a dangerous web of theft, lies, and murder, she becomes the target of a long-awaited confrontation that forces her into a fight for her life.

Click for more detail about A Thousand Steps by Anita Bunkley A Thousand Steps

by Anita Bunkley
Rinard Publishing (Feb 01, 2013)
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A Thousand Steps: The cast of characters includes … Tama – A beautiful fugitive determined to live free. Elinore – An active abolitionist on a mission to find happiness. Julee – A girl with no past who seeks a future among the Indians. Hakan – A proud man entrusted with the survival of his people. Thorne –A man obsessed with claiming what he owns. In 1855, risking everything for a chance at happiness, three women—separated by class, race, and geographic distance – undertake the treacherous journey into the rugged plains of Indian Territory. There, their lives intersect in a stunning explosion fueled by revenge that threatens their survival in a place where danger lurks at every turn. From the snow-covered mountains of North Carolina to the untamed wilds of Indian Territory, A Thousand Steps takes readers on a perilous quest for freedom, truth, and love. Highlighting the cultural and racial diversity among those who settled the American West, the book sheds light on the inner workings of the U.S. government’s Indian removal policy during the time of the Indian removal and the plight of blacks who settled among the Indians as both freemen and slaves. Set in the pre-Civil War era of mass migration to the West, it brings to life the stories of a fugitive slave, a white abolitionist, and a free black - all of whom endure the hardships involved in establishing new lives in a strange new land. The main character is Tama, born a slave on a huge cotton plantation in North Carolina. Her biological father is her master and her mother is a slave. The story opens with her mother’s death and Tama’s decision to flee. While on the run, she meets Hakan, a Creek Indian who is also a fugitive, running from men are out to hang him. He takes Tama to his village deep in the Georgia forest, where she will hide, while adapting to the Indian way of life and trying to hold onto her tentative freedom. Love blooms between Tama and Hakan, but it is threatened by a series of events that will eventually put Tama in great danger. Elinore Wardlaw is a white woman living in Ohio who actively supports the Underground Railroad. She is married to a southern man from whom she has been separated for four years while he serves in the Army at Fort Gibson in Indian Territory. Her decision to take her young son and join her husband in Indian territory puts her in a position to befriend a young black girl named Julee, who needs Elinore’s help to escape a desperate situation. Julee has no past, and she is yearning for a future far away from a life of servitude and poverty. She believes she is a nobody, a person without importance to anyone, but she turns out to be the key to both Tama and Elinore’s happiness.

Click for more detail about Emily, The Yellow Rose: A Texas Legend by Anita Bunkley Emily, The Yellow Rose: A Texas Legend

by Anita Bunkley
Rinard Publishing (Jan 31, 2011)
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From the shores of Galveston Bay to the plains of San Jacinto, Emily, The Yellow Rose sweeps readers into a mesmerizing tale of love, war, and the founding of a Republic. As the Texas Revolution unfolds, so does the love story of a beautiful mulatto named Emily D. West and her mysterious lover — the man whom music historians believe penned the ballad, The Yellow Rose of Texas. A lively cast of characters brings the history of the poignant folk song to life in a sweeping saga that is unforgettable.

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