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Click for more detail about Leader Board: The DNA of High Performance Teams by Omar L. Harris Leader Board: The DNA of High Performance Teams

by Omar L. Harris
The Pantheon Collective (TPC) (Apr 18, 2019)
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Get your copy of the book the USDaily Review says, "will help any leader, manager, recruiter, people manager, or HR pro revitalize their approach to leading and hiring."

LEADERS ARE THE DIFFERENTIATOR BETWEEN BAD, GOOD, AND GREAT TEAMS. Great leaders know how to magnify their collective team talent, align and inspire the group, and set ambitious yet achievable targets. Poor leaders do the opposite.

LEADER BOARD: THE DNA OF HIGH-PERFORMANCE TEAMS answers the crucial question facing today’s leaders: how to understand and unleash the potential of their team’s DNA faster and more effectively than ever before.

OMAR L. HARRIS synthesizes the best advice from modern leadership gurus into a suite of easily applied TEAM- PERFORMANCE ACCELERATION PRINCIPLES. Follow the story of a leader, Samuel "Coach" Lombardi, who leverages a lifetime of hard-won wisdom to deliver a stellar product launch.

LEVEL-UP YOUR TEAM LEADERSHIP SKILLS. Invest in the story but stay for the discussion, where you gain a treasure chest of ready-made resources to immediately impact team-performance.

UNLOCK THE CODE TO MAKING HIGH-PERFORMANCE TEAMS WORK. The two most important days in your career are the day you get promoted into leadership and the day you find out WHY. Come inside to learn how to maximize the DNA OF HIGH-PERFORMANCE TEAMS.

Click for more detail about The Space Between by Stephanie Casher The Space Between

by Stephanie Casher
The Pantheon Collective (TPC) (Jul 15, 2015)
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After finding (and losing) her soulmate in WHEN LOVE ISN’T ENOUGH, Samantha Merrick is back and ready for the next chapter in her life. If only she could figure out what that is…

Relationships are complicated, and no one knows that better than Samantha Merrick. The first two times she played the game of love, she lost. Big. She was ready to retire when romance appeared in the most unexpected place.

Damion Waters never meant to fall for Samantha. But once it was done, he was done. Haunted by a love he can never have, Damion accepts a postdoctoral fellowship in London to put some distance between himself and his best friend’s girl.

Languishing in post-college limbo, Samantha heads to London to visit Damion. Set against a European landscape, they attempt to heal old wounds while struggling with forbidden desires. But can they outrun the past, or will an old flame put their new relationship to the ultimate test?

Click for more detail about F.A.T.E.: From Authors to Entrepreneurs - The Personal Side of Indie Publishing by Stephanie Casher, James W. Lewis, and Omar L. Harris F.A.T.E.: From Authors to Entrepreneurs - The Personal Side of Indie Publishing

by Stephanie Casher, James W. Lewis, and Omar L. Harris
The Pantheon Collective (TPC) (Apr 01, 2014)
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In November 2009, Omar Luqmaan-Harris sent a text message to Stephanie Casher: "What if we started our own publishing company?" With those fateful words, Omar and Stephanie recruited James W. Lewis and stepped off the long, twisty road toward traditional book publication, and charted a new course. The three authors reclaimed destiny under the umbrella of their own creation, The Pantheon Collective (TPC). The goal was ambitious: establish a new publishing company, finish the edits/rewrites for the first book, cultivate an online presence, and launch their debut novel at an Atlanta book conference all within six months. "Ambitious" is an understatement. "Crazy" is more like it. In a no-holds-barred, reality-check look at independent book publication, Omar, Stephanie, and James reveal the behind-the-scenes chaos of prepping a new novel for launch. Read about the personal highs and lows from the unique perspectives of the author (James), editor (Stephanie) and marketing expert (Omar); and how the dream of publishing books was almost derailed by doubt, fear, stress, and infighting. Through it all, they persevered. These three inexperienced, yet determined "authorpreneurs" joined forces to shake up the publishing world, ultimately publishing four books in two years, selling nearly 30,000 copies, and receiving several literary awards. F.A.T.E. - From Authors to Entrepreneurs is a tale of burnout, conflict resolution, teamwork, and ultimately, success. TPC’s tagline says it all: Three Minds. One mission. No Limits. Learn more at: www.pantheoncollective.com

Click for more detail about One Blood by Qwantu Amaru One Blood

by Qwantu Amaru
The Pantheon Collective (TPC) (Dec 01, 2011)
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One Blood is a superb supernatural thriller that will make you an instant fan of this author. Rich themes of voodoo, family curses, political ambitions and a quest for power are dominant in this roller coaster ride set in Louisiana. Governor Randy Lafitte is popular and beloved after battling back from brain cancer, but his political success has come at a price. When his daughter is kidnapped, Lafitte is confronted with a past he thought died a long time ago. However, what hasn’t caught you, hasn’t passed you. And what comes for Lafitte may be way more than he or the forces behind him can handle as he fights the demons (literally demons) from his past.

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Click for more detail about A Hard Man Is Good To Find by James W. Lewis A Hard Man Is Good To Find

by James W. Lewis
The Pantheon Collective (TPC) (Jun 01, 2011)
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MICHELLE LARSEN has found a man straight out of a romance novel—handsome, fit, educated, and pulling in a six-figure income. But despite the exceptional qualities and his obvious interest in her, things are moving too slow between them. Unlike most men who can’t wait to get in her pants, this particular man refuses to take things to the next level.

DARYL JACKSON has grown tired of the nightclub scene and wants to settle down, but he has a secret that always seems to interrupt any potential love connection once he reveals it. He believes Michelle is the ideal woman, but can she handle the truth?

After six weeks of dating, and still no attempt from him to get her "horizontal," Michelle grows sex-starved. She is driving herself crazy trying to figure out Daryl’s problem! During a weekend getaway in Palm Springs, Michelle finally puts an end to the what’s-wrong-with-Daryl guessing game and demands to know what’s up. Not only does Daryl answer all her questions, Michelle learns firsthand that you really need to be careful with what you wish for!

Click for more detail about When Love Isn’t Enough by Stephanie Casher When Love Isn’t Enough

by Stephanie Casher
The Pantheon Collective (TPC) (Nov 01, 2010)
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Finalist of the 2011 Global E-book Awards!Multicultural Fiction Samantha’s second year of college started with heartbreak and betrayal. Lost, lonely, and robbed of all joy, she’d completely given up on ever finding love again when a chance encounter put her in contact with the man who would change her life.

Tony never believed in love at first sight - until he laid eyes on Samantha. But within moments of meeting her, he knew without a doubt that she was the woman he was put on this earth to love. There was only one problem - Angela, his girlfriend of five years.

Tony doesn’t want to hurt Angela, with whom he shares a rich history, but his connection to Samantha is undeniable. Angela, however, is not about to let the love of her life go without a fight.

When desperation takes a tragic turn, a chain of events unfolds that changes the course of all three of their lives forever. It is a heartbreaking tale of true love, terrible timing, impossible choices, and how you find the strength to go on when you discover that, sometimes, love just isn’t enough…

Click for more detail about Sellout by James W. Lewis Sellout

by James W. Lewis
The Pantheon Collective (TPC) (Jun 07, 2010)
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Winner of the 2011 International Book Awards!African-American fictionFinalist of the 2011 Global E-book Awards!Multicultural FictionFinalist in the 2011 Next Generation Indie Book Awards!African-American Fiction People who date interracially are often called traitors to their own kind. Self-haters. Sellouts.

Loan Officer Tammy McDonald has just come out of another failed relationship with a wannabe thug. To break this destructive pattern, she leaves her home city of Dallas for San Diego. As she settles in rainbow California, fantasies of meeting an ebony prince fade, so she eyes Dale Bristol as a potential ivory replacement.

Terrell Jackson is San Diego’s only black optometrist. Women regularly drop in for more than just eye exams, but he stays true to his girl Tasha until a wet dream unleashes a ridiculous outburst. Fed up with her jealous fits, he denounces the common "dedramanators" in his life-black women.

Even though Penelope Miller was raised in the South by a racist father once affiliated with the KKK, she can’t ignore her attraction to black men. But she never expected to fall in love with one…nor did she expect her "interracial felony" to threaten their lives.

SELLOUT follows these three individuals and the consequences of dating outside their race. In the quest to find what they think is missing in their lives, they encounter guilt, fear and mess they never anticipated…including murder.

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