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by Vanderbilt Brabson III
doretha-publishing (Oct 11, 2010)
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Joshua Dawson, a young minister and director of the local youth center has no clue his life will never be the same when he meets with a very desperate and distraught man, Carl Steadman, who arrives at Joshua’s office and tells a bizarre tale of a shape shifter, Desiree, who targets her victims for their souls. One bite from this demonized seductress and Desiree becomes an extremely addictive aphrodisiac, and once a consort; a man will surrender anything to continue seeing Desiree until there is nothing left to prove his devotion but his soul. Joshua launches his own personal investigation of Steadman’s story. He follows Desiree to a nightspot, where he deliberately encounters her in the parking lot. However, this encounter catches Joshua totally unprepared for the unsettling witness of Desiree’s paranormal abilities. His basic instincts for self preservation scream from within to run from this woman as fast as he can and not look back, yet strangely he hears his own voice arranging a meeting with her instead. Desiree agrees to meet with Joshua only if he comes alone. When the two meet, Desiree attempts to seduce him, but he successfully wards off her initial advances. However, hell hath no fury like a Desiree scorned. Desiree secretly launches an offensive campaign to seduce this young minister and destroy his relationship with Susan, his fiancée. Joshua launches his own offensive, enlisting the help of his father, Pastor Dawson and others to deliver this demonized seductress from Satan’s hold on her.