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They want you to believe you're not good enough for them, that you hold no significant importance to them because it is easier to hate you than to venerate you. They shudder at the idea of you accepting better, of you demanding better, of you living better; their sole purpose is to leave you naked, stripped of all the things they envy about you: your hair (is too nappy), your butt (is too big), your skin (is too dark). And when their judgement of you didn't deter your drive to become educated they told you that being educated was the main reason men couldn't love you. When their obstacles didn't dissuade you from raising a nation without a man's hand they told you this was the main reason men couldn't court you, or respect you, or build a world with you. Daily, they continue to snatch from you, pick at you, constantly chipping away at you and they hate the fact that your skin doesn't crack, that your compassion doesn't bend, and that your WILL won't break. It is easier for them to execrate you than it is for them to praise you. They've robbed you of your style, they've shoplifted your walk, they even stolen your words but they can't strut like you and they can't walk a mile in your shoes. The only thing they have left is to leave you unclothed.. not knowing and completely unawares that being naked is when you are at your very best


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D.E. Eliot

Love is truly like the wind. You can't see it, yet you feel it against your skin as though you are constantly walking with a gentle breeze across your face. When a woman is in love... that's when stuff becomes completely amazing. She is never so fascinating. She gleams kaleidoscopic like diamonds under sunlight. Her smile, so childlike as though keeping a secret, could stop your heart. I saw a woman in love once and the only thing I could think of is how could any man wanna take that away from her. How could the man she loves ever risk losing sight of that.




D.E. Eliot

Yesterday I started a list of the things you wouldn't find on a school curriculum. They don't teach you how to love a woman, how to make her smile, how to keep her laughing even when she doesn't find you funny. They don't teach you how to scale back when you and that same woman just don't see eye to eye on a peaceful resolution. They don't teach you how to practice patience. They don't teach you how to walk away nor do they teach you that it isn't necessarily important to win every fight. They don't teach you how to know what's going on in someone else's mind. They don't teach you what to say to someone who's heart you broken. They don't have a book that explains how holding her hand can be immensely powerful. Nope, there isn't a study guide that gives you, in great detail, instructions on how to kiss her lips as though the world was ending. You see, I began to love you simply, desperately, without actually knowing how, despite proper training. And the more I loved you the more I began to understand that you, from day one, have taught me all I needed to know. I have become a straight A student, honor roll, on the dean's list, for you have taught me everything about love. You have been my greatest teacher. And for that... I am extremely thankful. XOXO



D.E. Eliot

(These Things) to feel, to give, to take, to laugh crazily, to get lost absentmindedly, to be found, or to dance, to crave and to lust, to cry out profoundly, to kiss ever so softly is to be very unapologetically human. I'm hoping to change your perception, hoping to dissuade you of this constant delusion that you are not worthy of love. You do not have to change what you want or accept less from anyone anymore. Let those people who refuse to maintain love, envy you for finding and accepting someone that takes you exactly the way you are. Get swept off your feet on purpose.



D.E. Eliot

Some acts are so innocently intimate that you can't help but to perform them with pride. For example... I relish the feeling of removing her coat and placing it across my arm. It feels as though I just unwrapped my greatest gift in front of the entire world. She shines brighter than the sun at that moment, her smile is indescribably priceless at that moment. And at the end of the date, when I go to place her coat back on, I sneak a forehead kiss to make this simple, effortless, painless act, a moment she will not easily forget. This is what makes chivalry fun. This is what makes love so important. 




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