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Title:Harlem - June to November 2015

I am a child to Earth
living side my peer, in a concentration
in a night, I see...
not from the Sun, many moon, shining
... many voice yell in the sky
no horn or four horseman ride
remind, a faint glimpse to a god
kicking a free moon by
know why, not I

Out from the quiet Harlem
Where the trees recall yesterday
South from the modern
Where the lights shine away... from the old song in the street
Is a raccoon family
Waiting for sapiens to segregate
Tis a wait insane
Waiting for: fish fry, jass, or roof... parties
Them can not survive: mixing, security, or real estate
But a darkling notice the scene
He provide a path in the shade
Just to a few from Harlem past... to find the Black Bath

Walking outside, I ponder, where is wisdom,
when the Sun can not wake me to see it,
what can be seen from apartment 2B?
concrete sequoia, surround every pane,
even the baby thrush, needing parental sustenance,
can't be known, and...
we all ask, where with all is hope?...
can I know in 9C?
can enlightenment be, where no butterfly roam,
even if I live or write every poem?...
may I live near 2B... only down the hall,
where you live in 4U, and maybe you can see or know,
if you own, a pane or more from hope...
will it sing, to my craft, as I walk...
apartmentless, in the public dark

The Trees or the Churches, are all that will stand
Where is the tree that remember the land
Does a church know where, the skulls from the first, was planted
The collages from modern mancraft is disorganized, most ignorant
I heard from one collagent
... The Pigeon who climbed a whole hill
do not forget a sky
never needing, to walk to one again
... do not forget an earth
while sleeping to fly
truly fly... to a rose beyond any sky
do not forget a time
when two sunflower , grow at first glance
for one grow a short... distance
yet, the shades them can not see prove:sky, earth, or time in chiaroscurhyme
and!...this dummy still stand!
pondering a turncoat dove ponderance
I am comforted in knowing their finiteness
though, I know a clear sadness
for the collages everborn
pretelling I will never know
where stand the skulls, or the land

What if a green speak to you one day
do you think, it will speak to Giants colored grey
or multicolor dirt from an annual day
I say they are not signs... from the urban green
not like those southern trees who know the bloodiest luxiery
A salvadoran Rose, through my mind, once spoke to me
We look at each other through a lens that is the moon
after in the afternoon, a bluejay hope to find
hopping up the fire escape to the top floor, why?!
a rainforest on the third, or higher than Everest on the roof
or maybe a query from the terrace fleur
How do you find a place beyond time, is it galaxy wide, or smaller than an eye?
Does a green, the Moon, or an avian know where it hide

In a deep autumn night
I think, what deep thought
from those once cargo
or more than likely, threw off
did they saw life as hope, or a wrought
did they trusted in nature, used her time
as I have
born in summer, a plethora from light...
this fall beginning
I was unwised, lived on the obvious prismal abuse
suddenly pondering, why I suddenly dream to you
you are not in a thought yesterday
think yesterday has nothing from you?
now nearest to the future
what will winter be, these questions
do you feel the sunlight when i do
do you feel the rain
are you surround between the night stars
do you block their speak
... or the mirror to chaotic reality...
silent fantasy

from Richard Murray 2015

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How do you find a place beyond time, is it galaxy wide? Or smaller than an eye?... Always wanted to know because I feel I fit in with no one and no where

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