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Being a Black Girl

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Kween Yakini



By:  Kween Yakini


Please don’t tell her that she’s too pretty to be a Black Girl
Don’t let her think that life would be better 
     if she wasn’t so Black
Now I even hear some Africans bleach their skin
     because they think Dark skin is wack
Can you imagine that?
I just don’t understand why some Black Girls 
     don’t love being Black 
And why some would rather lighten their complexion
     cause they want to be anything other than dark black
It’s sad that they should ever learn to think like that
     and sometimes I just want to give them a little smack
How did so many of us get so off track? 
I think most of you know the answer to that
But now it’s time for us to praise our young girls 
Time to help them get their confidence back
Cause all Black Girls are Lit and that is a #Fact!

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