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How Much Do I Love Me? Let Me Count The Ways

Kween Yakini




Written By:   Kween Yakini  3/18/18



I like sipping on ginger honey tea

I like meditating to center my chi

No, I don’t like soda or colas

I prefer a Salted Carmel Mocha Frappuccino

Because I imagine that’s what I taste like

Yeah you heard me right

And my favorite colors are Red, Black & Green

Summa Yawl know what I mean

I like writing my name on a black board with Chalk

I like summertime strolls along the boardwalk

I like midnight moon gazing

And my favorite ice cream is Rum and Raisin

Some think that I’m spoiled

Cause I like to rub down my skin with

Shea Butter and Coconut oil

I like playing in Video Arcades

I like playing Checkers,

Dominos and Spades

Because I’m a jack of all trades

And if you on my team then you’ve got it made

I like fruits and veggies

I like Manicures and Pedi’s

And oh yeah, I like garlic bread and spaghetti

But I make a homemade sauce

Cause I cook like a Boss

I don’t like Guns

but I do love roses

I like music slow

I like music fast

I like music that make me wanna back that Azz

I low key like getting glammed

I like the adrenaline I get after a Poetry Slam

Yeah, I did that

Because I know I can

And two of my favorite foods

Are Cornbread and Yams

I love strolls through in the park

And watching Old School Martial Arts

Yeah and, I do my best thinking after dark

So if you ask me again

I’ll just have to say  

How much do I love me?

Well just let me count the ways!




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