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Masterclass 2020



The essence of day 1 was making a game that was a non zero sum base. I placed in the audiobook my audio thoughts. If you want a complete reference, the ebook has the audio as well as the transcript and the game. The Game link below is where you can see my gaming example. In a non zero-sum game, winning or losing is not the goal. In the game I made, the goal is to keep playing it, thus you do not want it to end, you are in control of both sides, like when one plays chess by themselves but unlike the chess scenario the goal is to never have either side win, it is to keep going. In my head, I had an idea of jason and the argonauts, if you know that film from ray harryhausen.

Question, what problem does the game have? I will not tell :)

Oh, penultimately, what is the game imaged on the cover of the audiobook/ebook or this blog?

And lastly, I love to quiz, where does Houyhnhnm come from?

Audiobook : https://www.kobo.com/us/en/audiobook/gameclass-audio-i

EBook : https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/gameclass-i

Game: https://houyhnhnm.github.io/Gameclass/game1.html


Introduction , Day 1 (Above)

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Hello World,

This blog space will be for my day to day adventures through the game design masterclass.

Audiobooks or text content will be in Kobo, but I will also use github to link content through the web. But I advise getting the free kobo app and that will help in accessing my work in completion.

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