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    Hi everyone, just want to wish everyone a safe weekend coming up and a sound piece of mind in these trouble times of ours. Have a safe weekend while not letting the sour times get in your mind, by destroying you mood, instead throw on some funky toons to get you in the up and coming weekend groove.... Jaws R.
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    Have a Wonderful and Prosperous New Year!!! 🤗
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    HOLD ONTO LOVE. Shit happens — no need to immortalize it. If you survive it, internalize what's left. LOVE. Happy Valentine's Day.
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    Hi doll! Miss you.
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    "ARES" stars 26-year-old Dutch actress Jade Olieberg who plays a multi-ethnic character that advances the original series plot in ways that are not obvious in the beginning. My initial reaction was the .5 % wealthiest of society will not be happy. But then this portrayal of secret societies targets any of us who "belong" to one. Cutting to the chase without spoilers; this series asks "What do you want" and what are you prepared to do to get it. I'm still thinking about this show today. It revealed a lot to me about myself ...and has me giving the side eye to friends, family and folks I see on the street. I couldn't binge watch the series - it was a little too intense for me. What did you think about ARES?
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    Greetings Everyone and Happy 2020' I am feeling energized by what is still yet to come for me and continuing my journey. I recently went out to perform and it felt great being appreciated by the crowd. Here is a little clip of me. Peace! https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0?ui=2&ik=37701fd47c&attid=0.1&permmsgid=msg-a:r172384196585482943&th=16fa897786429dd7&view=att&disp=safe&realattid=16fa896ea276ea0d9b71
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    Hello Mel! I cannot find the thread where you offered my wife and I some suggestions re: an editor last year. I thanked you then and thank you again. We did find an Editor right here in Panama, where we live and she did a great job. Here's our website: Clandestine-Life.com We will soon self-publish as an ebook. Very soon. Thanks to you and to Troy. He was also quite helpful to us.
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