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  1. @Troy, yes, it's a publication. It's linked to http://taniscawilson.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Knowing-Why-Education-Matters.pdf. My apologies for the delayed response. Hi Christie, We got it--thanks for sending.
  2. Dear Indie Authors, Word Lovers Book Club is publishing its last issue for the 2019 and want to promote your book! A few authors thought this was too good to be true, but it is good and true. Part of our mission is to help promote indie authors free of charge. Email us at wordloversbookclub@gmail.com. Send us an image of your book and your website address.
  3. Hi Troy, I'm actually in contact with my local NAACP, but they have not been very responsive to emails and phone calls. Do you have a contact for how I can acquire tickets to attend this event?
  4. Hi Rolanda, I am a member of Word Lovers Book & Literature Club, and we review books. Please post link to your book's info.
  5. Hey, thanks for sharing. I will check it out. Thanks for sharing. I'll check it out.
  6. Nice cover. Please keep us (Word Lovers) posted on the book release.
  7. Thanks a bunch! That'll help us out alot. We're glad to help with the reviews :-)
  8. Kudos to you for giving providing us with a literary hub. Your site and business are unique and much needed. Also, I agree that we need to do better and that it will take time--and hard work. Our schools (in the South) don't do a good job of promoting the arts, so our Club is working hard to reverse that trend.
  9. I think I understand your line of thinking, so I'll reflect on your post a little more. Quickly, I want to point out that reading, as you inferred, was not always a black privilege, so it is of little concern to many that white people do not read. Our focus is on the black community and the way they approach and interact with literacy because we know that reading truly is fundamental. Whereas most white people don't read, most black people can't, at least not on their lexile level, so that's a big difference. Also, I don't buy into the socioeconomic status problem be
  10. First let me say that my thoughts/opinions are my own. However, our Club was founded because we saw a need to help promote literacy, so I just want to be clear that I'm not speaking on behalf of the Club in this discussion. When I saw the post about Black People Don't Read, I responded as Tanisca. Please note that in the record. So, I live in an urban area, not far from the inner city, but I do research in education so my statement about the gun was not meant as an exaggeration. Also, I think we tend to want to believe all the good things about the best of us and ignore the facts
  11. Dear Indie Authors, Word Lovers Book & Literary Club is accepting book review requests. To request a review for your book, click the link below. Also, we publish Knowing, a publication that focuses on literacy and indie authors. To learn more about our Club, visit http://taniscawilson.com/word-lovers/ If you have questions, please email us at wordloversbookclub@gmail.com Want us to review your book? Complete a Book Request Form Check out our indie author publication, Knowing by clicking here
  12. Not enough Black people read. It is a fact proven by research and tons of data undergirding that minority children struggle in reading and perform poorly in reading and math compared to their non-minority counterparts. While there are factions of us who read, there are far too few of us that do. Inner city youth are more inclined to pick up a gun than a book. The more important question is how do we change the narrative? I have a book and literary club where we promote creative writing and the literature arts, two things that are not promoted here in the "dirty south," but generally speaking,
  13. Hi Kia, I'm Tanisca, president of Word Lovers Book & Literary Club, and I saw your request for a book review. Please email our Club at Wordloversbookclub@gmail.com so one our members can help you with your request. Your book description was interesting. I think we can definitely get into a book like yours.
  14. Hi Debra, I'm Tanisca, president of Word Lovers Book & Literary Club. I saw your request for a book review and would like for you to email us at wordloversbookclub@gmail.com. A member from the Club will help you with your request.
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