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  1. Thanks for the vintage video....this scene would never happen now in Australia  

  2. Yes Australia has had a colonial sad past, were the indigenous were exterminated by force by the then British colonial powers and then bred out by their offspring's when it became unacceptable to shoot them on the spot which ended in the late 60s at the end of white Australia policy. Even today there are farms with unexplained 150 year old mass graves, and now when they are found they are acknowledged for what happen to them all those years ago. I have live in Australia for 16 years and have never been called the N word or the equivalent which was the case in the UK when I lived there.
  3. Yes they sure are, although I feel this is a uniquely a USA problem. We no longer have this in the UK or Australia were I live.
  4. Thanks for the feed back Troy, I will make the amendments. Grammatical errors are mainly direct quotes and or the way my family and friends spoke....its more like a diary of my life with all its rawness. I do have photos of some family members in the book but due to the book contents most have ask for anonymity.
  5. By Floyd Collins Part 1 The context of this book is truthful and is based on my memory of my past life and the people and events who has help shaped me in to whom I am today. You may also find some of the contents shocking and disturbing including some offensive language and violence. Names of some individuals have been changed to protect their anonymity. Do not read this book if you are easily offended. However, if you choose to read it I do hope you will enjoy reading it. Legacy, what is it? Well, it’s an inheritance, heritage, endowment, gift, patrimony, settlement, birthrig
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