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  1. I'm really starting to notice that most black men arent attracted to white women. i use to think the majority of black men prefer white women if given the chance but im starting to notice that the women who turn a majority of black mens heads tend to be black or latina or a dark skinned asian. my conclusion is black mens preference lies somewhere in the middle...light skinned black women and latinas but i even see plenty beautiful dark skinned sisters getting stared down by black men. i think black men jsut on average prefer brown to golden skin and wavy hair on women. rarely do you see a black man staring down a white woman. the mall i work at its like white women arent even in existence to most black men...yet the media would have you beleive most black men would take a white woman over a black one any day. Kola have you noticed this?
  2. not surprised by this at all...most of them are not even real indians anymore...majority of so-called natives on those reservations are 3/4ths white or more. the indian grandparent or great grandparent is tucked away somewhere in the distant past
  3. is it just me or is one of gadhaffi's sons black? Dario Lopez-Mills/AP Photo
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