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  1. Well, the truth is the truth Troy.....ZANE oughta try it sometime. People like me...dying of brain cancer....are the types who will say any and everything. Facing death makes you feel as though you might as well just tell all. I tried to make friends with Thumper. He flatly rejected my attempts and was exceedingly hostile. In fact, our very last exchanges were about me trying to be friendly towards him. And for the record, people can look up the ORIGIN of our in-fighting. HE was the one attacking me and using my "African identity" to do so......in reality, he was JEALOUS
  2. Troy, The reasons I don't post here are varied. #1---My ally ABM is no longer here. I was greatly disparaged and disliked and no one wants to be around people who dislike them. In 2008, I talked about being treated for brain cancer...not a single person said a single consolatory thing or came to see me at Loma Linda. (*Well Jackie Joice did). It was almost as though I wasn't a human being. It showed the underlying contempt & hatred for me. I continue to suffer with health issues (diabetes, heart valve disease) and I don't need the stress of always fighting things we
  3. Carey, HUGS King. Thanks for all your kindness and support over the years. Unfortunately, I don't have time to visit that board. I'm ensconced in writing 3 different books. But I am so happy to see you!!! Yours always, Kola
  4. Hello all, I decided to write about my personal experience being Vaginally Infibulated and how I felt watching the now infamous "Swede Cake Video" that purported to honor women and girls like myself. I hope you'll read what I had to say. LINK: http://www.owlasylum.net/?p=1823 KOLA BOOF
  5. OVERHEARD: The closest a real man gets to painting eggs.... is when they don't pull out ~*~ ~*~

  6. Troy, I still doubt that any BLACK Editor/Publisher would have signed Kola Boof. I sent several great manuscripts to **Third World Press** and they ignored me. Ditto that Paul guy at Black Classics Press. That to me....says everything about this issue. There is a very unfortunate "Tunnelvision" by Black people in literature. It's as though they've completely forgotten Zora, Baldwin, Alice Walker and everything about "the edge." Would a Black Truman Capote or a Black Norman Mailer be recognized by Black editors and Black Publishers? The treatment towards me says
  7. Also....Troy please fix my profile so that I can add my photo. It's not allowing me to add photos. Kola Boof
  8. LMAO!!! (at Troy looking like Donna Summer in that hood). Anyone who has her album covers will recognize the expression on Troy's face..... ~*~ There is a Black owned bookstore in Charlotte, NC. It is owned by a young black man who used to be a football player. I was invited there but then ended up not going. I did a 38 city book tour last year. It was amazing to find that almost no one else was touring!! Johnny Temple told me that book tours are dying out because they don't sell enough books and the expense of sending out the authors (esp. black authors)
  9. Troy...you should have spoke up. Johnny is definitely someone you can "be open & honest" with. I do it all the time. And he has great respect for truth...even when it makes him look soiled. Also, you're right. Black Editors at the major houses cannot sign who they wish...and we as Black artists have no "black owned" power brokers we can go to in order to be published and heard. In my case...I'm not sure that a Black owned publisher would give me a voice. It seems that I am too outspoken & introspective for most of the Black literary establishment. If it wer
  10. Thanks so much. NO...there is no DVD of the lecture or anything. Kola
  11. So many aspiring writers ask me about becoming a writer. I think this interview is the only time I've been given an opportunity to talk in depth about the forces that shaped me into a writer and about what the processes are like. I feel lucky to have someone like Johnny Temple molding and controlling my career, because with the way publishing is right now...it's a total mess. There is no money in it. The audiences are fickle and the houses don't give much backbone and support. Anyhoo, it's my favorite interview I've done since Kam Williams (here at aalbc.com), which has
  12. What's been going on with Kola Boof? I just did the most amazing interview with nthWORD magazine....it has to be my most revealing ever. It's the first time I got to talk in depth about publisher Johnny Temple and many other topics...such as Naomi Campbell's desire to play me in a film. I still get so many emails from Thumper's Corner visitors asking me a bevy of questions...I think you'll really appreciate the blunt honesty in this interview and where I'm at now with my career. "Literary Bad Girl Kola Boof" (Sessions) http://shorts.nthword.co
  13. WOW! This event was so successful and so different than anything I've ever done. Giving a lecture (to a roomful of black women doctors!) on a particular subject is much calmer and more invigorating than the normal free-reign book reading. I spoke on why I don't like being called a 'strong black woman' and prefer we think about replacing it with 'the living woman' as our mantra. The women overwhelmingly agreed to and related with the entire historical picture I painted of how this language (strong black woman) does at times box us in as ..."mule of the world"...."they're
  14. "....the only injury George Zimmerman has is a torn rotator cuff from high fiving the police." ---Bill Maher LMFAO. And you know that shit is true. _______________________________

  15. The HIJAB and the Hoodie: ________________________ The fact that Iraq was the top slave holding Arab state for African slaves....and that Basra, Iraq is the largest slave port in world history (bringing in black slaves from Africa) ....really bothers me. The 8 million Blacks living in Iraq are there because of slavery and they currently have "0" rights even though they have been there 100's of years.

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