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  1. Thanks! It looks like I have the infrastructure in place and now I just need to be smart about how to use these tools.
  2. Wow! That's a lot of valuable information! At this time I only have one generic website. I'm starting to get the sense that maybe I should create at least one other that is dedicated to just my books and other publications. I do use WordPress. That's all I've ever known but it is complicated and trolling through the plugins to find the right functionality has been a steep learning curve. I still haven't learned how to monetize the site with ads and affiliate marketing because I'm so adamant about keeping everything Black. I just recently signed up with Instagram but have not used i
  3. Hi @Mel Hopkins ! I would like to get more into Social Selling. The obvious question though is don't you need a substantial mailing or subscription list in place for this to work well? How do you attract people to your social media accounts? How do you create your network? Which social media platforms do you prefer?
  4. Thank you so much! I do see what you mean about raising the price of your eBook to discourage unauthorized distribution. A person would be less likely to do that if they had to make a substantial investment to acquire it in the first place. Selling my book from my website, except for the Amazon link, is something else I haven't quite figured out yet. Neither have I gotten the hang of ordering my own books and figuring out distribution from there. Right now I lack a viable marketing plan. That's what I'm trying to learn how to do. You have given me a number of excellent suggestions,
  5. I had a very bad experience with this when my book was new. My inexperience led me to send a "complimentary" pdf to someone not realizing that all she had to do was email it to everybody she wanted to see it. I have no idea how many sales I lost that way. I know she did it because she genuinely wanted to share the information but once I found that people who might have otherwise bought the book got it for free, I've never done that again. Would you please elaborate on how making your eBook cost more than the print version helps discourage bootlegging?
  6. Hello Mel. Thank you for responding to my appeal for help. It is excellent advice! I do apologize if I give the impression that I think all Black people are my intended audience. I am putting this work out there knowing that only a subset of the whole set of Black people is going to be drawn to the message. Within that larger set might be the set of Black people who are open to other approaches to spirituality from the traditional monotheistic traditions. Or people who have strong Black Nationalist leanings. Or a set of Black people who, like me, are interested in the science behin
  7. Greetings! I was still hoping that I could get a book review if anyone participating in the AALBC forum has read my book. I have spent so much time in the nonprofit sector that I am not experienced in marketing and promotion of my own work. As you see, my book has a very, very specific audience: Black people! So I can't get myself to use many of the more generic communities like Goodreads. I don't care if any Whites ever read the COCM. It is not meant for them. It is Black people's business! I could really use some help, some advice and some guidance in how to get the word out abo
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