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About Me

I am a native of Kansas City, Missouri and have been a student and teacher of metaphysics since 1988.


I studied and taught at the School of Metaphysics in Kansas City, Kansas from 1988-1992. I received my Licensed Unity Teacher certification from the Unity School of Christianity in 1991, and later graduated from Rockhurst University in Kansas City, Missouri with an undergraduate degree in physics and mathematics in 2004. I was awarded a summer internship to the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in 2003 and was Rockhurst's winner of the 2004 Rossner Medal in philosophy. I have since sought to use my science education to inform my approach to teaching metaphysical subject matter.


I am a true Black Nationalist, acknowledging that Black people in America cannot fix racism, so our only alternative is to create our own Black nation-within-a-nation. Not in any particular geographic location, but a strong Black infrastructure connecting us from wherever we are. I believe we need to educate our own children, police our own neighborhoods, build and support our own Black businesses and financial institutions, create and support our own community outreach organizations, as well as establish and maintain our own communications outlets. We also need to wean ourselves off the Democratic Party and run candidates from an Independent Black Political Party again.


I am one of the original co-founders of the Kansas City, Missouri chapter of the National Black Independent Political Party (NBIPP), and charter member of the Kansas City National Black United Front (NBUF). I have been a lifelong political activist and proponent of Black self-sufficiency. Today, I am applying my experience from physics, metaphysics and Black activism to contribute my little piece to help alleviate the suffering of my people. As India Arie says, "Get in where you fit in. Go on and shine."

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