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  1. Hello! I am brand spanking new to this forum. Like Mel-Robert, I simply stumbled across this forum while searching for sites that have a focus on books written by African- Americans, in my case, children's books," after a colleague of mine asked me why I was not on a list of African-American authors. I decided to investigate. I also released a self published book in late 2019 and wanted to bring attention to it and I know nothing about marketing. I have yet not had the opportunity to explore the other aspects of this forum, but I look forward to checking it out.
  2. A Day in the Woods of Nana's Backyard By: Lori Elayne BOOK DETAILS Publication Date — September 28, 2019 Binding — Paperback, 8.5x11 Page Count —38 Price — $19.20 ISBN — 978-0-1234-6578-8 Subject categories — CHILDREN'S BOOK Realistic Fiction / African-Ameri
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