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  1. Thank you, @Troy I really like the idea of a coupon to a bookstore. I could do some in the US and some in the UK and put a limit to how many I give of each so it doesn't get too costly. If I do that, I'm thinking I won't have the actors this time around. That might not be a bad thing since I want the actors to help me celebrate the anniversary of the audiobook/paperback publication day for the US edition. I'll look into how a bookstore coupon might work. I'm wondering if I would buy gift certificates through the bookstore and then give out the codes. Thanks, it's a great idea! Thank you for the welcome and the great idea, @Mel Hopkins! I love this idea too! I'm going to think about what royalty-free content I can share or make. This gives me some ideas. Thank you!
  2. Hi all, I hope this is alright to post here. I'm celebrating my birthday by hosting a bookclub birthday party where we discuss my book, Remembered. As part of the event, I'm having actors read extracts (also as a teaser for the Audiobook Live event I'm hosting in February). I'll also be reading from the book, answering some of my favorite questions, and genuinely celebrating getting a year older. Although the event is online, there will be a Remembered themed-playlist and Remembered-themed menu. I want to offer goody bags for people that help me celebrate. What sort of digital treat would you recommend? In my head, I'm picturing maybe a printable bookmark? When I attend online events that have digital treats, they seem to be newsletters and magazine samples. What digital treat would you appreciate? thanks, Yvonne
  3. Yvonne


    Wow! I notice Remembered is often out of stock on Amazon and backordered elsewhere. On Ebay, I see listings for around £9 for the UK copy but then I'll see gems like the one in the picture. I'm not sure what that's even about. It's a used copy.
  4. Yvonne


    It's no problem. Thank you for correcting the page number and publisher name. I'm noticing just about everything seems to be available through third-party sellers on Amazon. It's the Ebay listings that somehow surprise me even more. I have seen Remembered listed there for over £100 ($125). I'm always tempted to contact the seller to ask them why the book is so expensive. The listing doesn't say it's a signed copy or anything so I can't imagine why it would be so high. I think I'm just going to have to ask them.
  5. Yvonne


    Picking your poison is a good idea. I find I'm more likely to keep the website/blog so I can have a sort of base. But saying that, I sometimes forget it's there. I'm trying to use it more often by doing the things I like to do on it: read stories. We'll see how that goes. I appreciate your explaining the ISBN10 v ISBN13. I'm finding the same ISBN13's for the US and UK books on Amazon.com and .co.uk ISBN-13: 978-0241381946. I'm not sure why that is. Thank you for updating Remembered to the US version. When you have time, can you please change the publisher and page length: it should be 265 pages. The US publisher is Blackstone (The UK one is the blue cover and is published by Dialogue Books/Little Brown). I was born in Philly (Germantown) and grew up in South Jersey. I moved to Maryland and lived there for 20 years before moving my children to the UK so I could pursue a Creative Writing PhD. I finished the degree in 2017. We're still in the UK though. The kids want to stay and I'm enjoying our time here. So, we'll see where next is.
  6. Yvonne


    Thanks so much. Here are the ISBN13's for the children's books: Ladybird Tales of Crowns and Thrones ISBN: 9780241413586 (this one doesn't seem to have a -13. I'm not sure if it's because it's pre-ordered) Ladybird Tales of Super Heroes ISBN-13: 978-0241381946 Here is the ISBN13 for the audiobook: ISBN-13: 978-1982627065 My web address is: https://www.yvonnebattle-felton.com/ Smiles, if is'ts assumed, there's no need to mention clubs and festivals on my author page. Thank you, Yvonne
  7. Yvonne


    Hi Troy, Thank you for the support, I appreciate it. I had posted my message and didn't realize I wasn't signed in. Thanks so much for the author page. The 2019 book was meant to be available only in the UK (and worldwide in English except for the US/Canada) and the 2020 one is available in the US/Canada. The audiobook is only available in the US/UK. Thank you for the offer. I have six non-fiction children titles in two books in the Penguin's Ladybird series. If you could add those to my page, that would be great. Is it possible to add that I'm interested in talking to book clubs and book groups and at literary festivals? Thank you, Yvonne
  8. I found this post really helpful. I'm based in the UK and wasn't aware of a lot of these events. I was planning to be in the US in December (2020) (depending on the state of the world) and looking forward to having some launch events to celebrate the US publication of Remembered while I was there. Even if I'm not there physically and with a lot of events moving to virtual ones, I can contact some of these about potential virtual events. Thanks!
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