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  1. Why is it easier to reach the chapstick that fell between your car seats than it is to find a dozen Black female animators in this world?! We are striving to change that statistic. In the meantime, stop by and say hello to Major Denese Payne, the baddest on the peninsula, and hear all about the email that turned her world upside down... Click now to watch Black Love: A Beautiful Docuseries, Episode 01 "The Email" Trailer: The melodic prose of critically acclaimed novelist O.W. Showe fuses with colorful animation and never seen before footage as intimate stories of Black love unveil. Traverse a wonderfully artistic “Memory Lane,” paved with warm memoirs of passion, friendship and romantic infatuation. From hearts that pain with long-distance adoration to a love affair spanning continents, tales of kinship and personal maturation are woven into the fabric of this original docuseries. “This is for the dreamers. The ones who believe in love at first sight. The souls that nurture new soil and the lush greenery that blossoms. This is Black Love.” – O.W. Indie Animated Web Docuseries: Black Love: A Beautiful Docuseries Genre: Romantic Comedy Parental Guideline: PG Series Release Dates: 2020 E1: 07 Nov / E2: 21 Nov / E3: 05 Dec Streaming: Exclusively on owshowe.com Director & Exec Producer: Madinah Slaise Original Manuscript & Score: Madinah Slaise Cinematographer/Illustrator: Madinah Slaise Distributor: MadPo Production Studio Art. Culture. Creativity. -owshowe.com
  2. The 1st installment in our “Press Play & Read” web series. Come see us and get lost in the full publication while enjoying the accompanying soundtrack. domestic violence – noun: violent or abusive behavior directed by one family or household member against anotherSource: Merrian-Webster Dictionary “Do you feel safe at home? We have to ask these questions.” The triage nurse was more salt than sugar, yet there was something about her stoic demeanor that made Scott feel safe, as if his story mattered. Shame and embarrassment aside, his experience with reporting injuries sustained at the hands of his wife was nothing short of offensive. Vapid accusations that were cleverly disguised as questions of concern proved the norm, despite glaringly obvious signs of physical abuse... Indie Short Story Web Series: The Secret Genre: Drama Parental Guideline: MA Series Release Dates: 2020 E1: 12 Sep / E2: 10 Oct / E3: 14 Nov Streaming: Exclusively on owshowe.com Director & Exec Producer: O.W. Showe Original Manuscript & Score: O.W. Showe Cinematographer/Illustrator: O.W. Showe Distributor: MadPo Production Studio Art. Culture. Creativity.
  3. Just kidding, this is for everyone. Enjoy! Art. Culture. Creativity. (owshowe.com)
  4. This statement overlooks my initial expression of optimism, versus happiness - " my optimism regarding the inclusion of Black writers, producers, directors, etc. is palpable." I am optimistic that the Black producers, directors and writers who DO subscribe to the notion that awards (Grammy, Oscars, etc.) are markers of success will use this REACTIVE strategy as a catalyst. The fact is obvious that Black culture is the nucleus for creativity in America; it's appropriated, borrowed, stolen and bartered. However, if society is demanding change and an organization actually responds in a manner that is conducive, THAT move is one that inspires optimism that we, as a society, are evolving in a more productive direction. TBH, I would like to see more 40+ year old, Black females on-screen who look like, talk like, act like and understand the complexities of being a Black woman. When you're too old for Insecure and How To Get Away With Murder exacerbates your PTSD, there isn't much left to enjoy on streaming services. S/N: Shout out to Nia Long for her performance in The Fatal Affair. So, yes, PLEASE enact mandates for inclusivity... I am here for it, 100%. Per MR Dictionary: Optimism (noun) 1. a doctrine that this world is the best possible world 2. an inclination to put the most favorable construction upon actions and events or to anticipate the best possible outcome Happiness (noun) 1. a state of well-being and contentment 2. a pleasurable or satisfying experience I am rarely content, if ever, thus being "happy" is not a fair description. Also, I have a table that I share with friends, family, peers and the like, to elevate their voices and stories... We eatin' good too! Stop by and order a plate on the house at owshowe.com. Next month, we're serving an extra helping of a story that highlights Google's fake CTRs, complete with an audio confession from a Google rep who was recorded stating that their email campaign is technically fraudulent. Also, I'm pulling our Domestic Violence series hot out the fryer this weekend. We also have a vegetarian dish, if necessary, it's called The Setup. bon appetit! - Madinah Art. Culture. Creativity.
  5. The Academy Establishes Representation and Inclusion Standards for Oscars Eligibility I must admit, this is a move that the industry should have examined long before 2020; regardless, my optimism regarding the inclusion of Black writers, producers, directors, etc. is palpable. Does this feel like Hollywood's stab at affirmative action to you? I've included the film eligibility standards per the Academy; source docs are located on the official website, Oscars.org. I'm diggin this new soothing interface! @Troy
  6. The 1st installment in our “Press Play & Read” web series. Come see us and get lost in the full publication while enjoying the accompanying soundtrack. domestic violence – noun:violent or abusive behavior directed by one family or household member against anotherSource: Merrian-Webster DictionaryIndependent Short Story Series: The Secret (3 parts)Genre: DramaParental Guideline: MASeries Release Dates: 12 Sep, 10 Oct, 14 Nov 2020Streaming: Exclusively on owshowe.com Director & Exec Producer: O.W. ShoweOriginal Manuscript & Score: O.W. ShoweCinematographer/Illustrator: O.W. Showe Distributor: MadPo Production Studio Art. Culture. Creativity. - owshowe.com
  7. During the pandemic, I began writing about everything in my environment, as well as the things that we don't see. The initial goal of E.A./2020 was an engaging period piece, yet it metamorphosed into dystopia. Butler's synopsis definitely caught my eye... Thank you for the guidance, per use. - O.W. Showe owshowe.com
  8. @Troy I read the synopsis of Ms Butler's book, and was thoroughly impressed; how I ended up with an inclination towards the dystopian genre is beyond me. Regardless, in an attempt to begin migrating from the "big" book seller, I was wondering if you had a few suggestions as to where fans of e-book publications may be able to direct their purchases to support Black owned publishers/distros? After reading hardcovers, we typically share the books in little free libraries thoughout the area, which is well intentioned, yet doesn't align with our goals for Mother Many thanks! - O.W. Showe owshowe.com
  9. We've been on the hunt to locate her since 06 August. The energy and drive to find her alive resonates during the production process. Have you ever been ravenous for something, to the point where you look down (at your feet, legs, keyboard, etc.) and wonder, "who the hell is doing all this?" I've been "in the zone," athletically, professionally and even personally with friendships and the like. This is different. By far the most viewed, anticipated series on owshowe.com; I was floored by the response. If you knew how many people asked, "is this real?" during a time in which I was asking myself the same question, it would prove startling. Thank you for the kind words, I was a huge fan of "Snap Judgement" until Glenn and crew passively disbanded, or at least, began to rehash old episodes. Now, we've not only thrown our hat into the ring, but we got the stories, muscle and time to back it up! I see your hustle and respect the grind, Mr. D. Now, if I can only find a way to parody the back-and-forth between you, Troy and Pio on the other boards. SMH. Y'all are hilarious!! Stay safe, and share the enthusiasm with ONE friend. - O.W. DO YOU RECOGNIZE MY NIECE'S VOICE?! CLICK THE POSTER AND WATCH ENTRY 07 "Samantha Speaks" NOW...
  10. For years, people have asked why I walked away from the WNBA, after being selected in the 2nd round of the 2000 draft. Here's your answer... Art. Culture. Creativity. (owshowe.com)
  11. You misunderstood, I don't ask permission nor opinion for ANYTHING in the way of creativity after conducting business hours with God; it was employed as a colloquialism.
  12. I would pay to hear the opinion of the author, Chancellor Williams, regarding the surcharge. Obviously, price gouging hits the most underserved communities hardest; the cities where “little free libraries” are nowhere to be found. We have this convo each week; the message is clear and abhorrent. However, if the author saw fit to sign the contract with price point surge projections, all hands involved are a bit soiled. The only way that this will cease is if the author intervenes or wishes to change course. This is the same author who wants to entertain readers and receive financial compensation. My stance isn’t placing the onus on the creator, rather teaching people to build their own platforms for complete creative control. If I give my basketball to a bully and they take over the court and start charging people to play pickup games, can I really be mad? Well, yes, because they have my ball, but no, because the culture just shifted and new rims, courts, etc are in the making. The problem arises when the bully exploits the community, fails to beautify the courts/city and just leaves everyone dusty, thirsty and agitated. This position can be countered with Amz employment data; yet, this is a literature sight, so, in Rome. Interestingly enough, I initially wished to produce EA as a free ebook, due to the fact that the stories were from the people in my environment. However, a bug got into my ear and said “no one respects free,” a sentiment that I’ve heard for decades. To this, I say... Capitalism is what it is, however, if the community, as a whole does not benefit, how can that possibly be advantageous to anyone other than the invisible bully, aka ‘The Gooch’? *show ya age
  13. Visit owshowe.com
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