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  1. I began writing Lucky John after years of being a sympathetic ear to my girl friends’ complaints and woes about married life. Being privy to the wives’ perspectives inspired me to write a story of marital infidelity from the husband’s point of view. John Roberts was born, and to my surprise, he evolved into a misguided, yet sympathetic philanderer. Set in Southern California, John Roberts is a husband and father with the risky habit of infidelity. But it isn’t John Roberts the adult running his life; it’s John Roberts the resentful and angry teenager calling the shots. Kicked out from his home after a backseat quickie left his girlfriend pregnant, John never forgave his father for abandoning him. After his father’s stroke, John travels back to a home he left behind in hopes of setting things straight. It doesn’t take him long to realize that everyone has moved on, and no one has time to indulge his decades old resentments. But that doesn’t stop him from pushing and testing the limits. Suddenly, John finds himself facing death, divorce, a dwindling business, and no idea how to correct the mess he’s made. Family histories, both proud and tragic, play out in the background as John tries to learn the hard act of forgiveness. Lucky John is my first novel, published by Black Rose Writing Desiree Kannel, author Pub date: June 18, 2020 ISBN: 978-1684335183
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