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  1. Shamira Clarke finally saved up enough money for the trip of a lifetime, spending Christmas and New Year’s in Paris. After months of learning French on an app, she is ready to visit the city of love and lights. Then, a family financial emergency forces her to give up her long-held dream. Staying true to her role of the good daughter, she gives the much-needed funds to her parents. She dreads spending another chaotic Christmas stuck in Georgia with the usual holiday family drama and an absentee boyfriend; Shamira mourns the lost of her dream holiday vacation. With the help of her best friend, coworker, and fellow Francophile, she finds a little bit of Paris in Atlanta. She goes on her own local French romantic adventure with a handsome French chef, Sebastian Toussaint. Will she get to finally make her Parisian dream a reality?
  2. Book Press Release Tuesday, July 20, 2021 Everything Series Book 1: Everything Gilded Glitter and gold line the streets of the hottest and most exclusive address in Atlanta, 3300 Buckhead Plaza. Three social climbers try to stay on their golden path to riches, fame, and high fashion. Queensley, Therese, and Farrah follow the men they love into the world of glamour and glitz. But before they can kick off the heels of their designer shoes and rest their heads on their expensive sheets, fate storms into their perfect high-end worlds. Their beautiful lives are at risk of being taken away from them, but these three women won’t let the gilded life they worked to obtain slip from their manicured hands. Not even death, lies, or estranged wives can stop them from living the life of luxury they fought so hard to reach and get they love they deserve. About the Author LaShelle L. Turner is a writer of contemporary adult and YA romance. She lives in the metro Atlanta area. When she is not writing, she binge-watches historical dramas and reality shows featuring shopaholic housewives. Email: shellturner5@gmail.com Website: HOME | Author LaShelle L. Turner (wixsite.com)
  3. For Immediate Release Scars They Can’t See Sometimes the worst scars are the ones you can’t see. Morgan and Reid fall for each other while both grieving horrific family tragedies they believed they caused. Together they try to move pass their pain and grief by falling in love, but they both are trying to hold onto the past. Seventeen-year-old Morgan Lawson is starting her senior year grieving her parents from a small plane crash in which she was the only survivor. Now she must deal with burn scars and the loss of her parents. She mistakenly believed her first love and boyfriend Greg would comfort her and help her heal after this life changing tragedy. Her already weaken heart is damaged further when she finds out he just left her for her ‘supposedly’ best friend Alana. Morgan meets Reid while attending grief counseling. Reid Cunningham did the unthinkable; he destroyed his once perfect family. A simple lapse in judgment caused him to kill his baby sister by accident. Now to escape the devastating memory of that day his family moved south to from Oakland to the small ocean side city of Seaside, California. Morgan and Reid spend the last of their teen years experiencing the kind of grief most people never endure during their lifetimes. At a time when most kids their ages are leaping forward to the next phrase in life, the past keeps them from moving forward. The grief they feel causes them to question if some scars ever heal. Author Bio LaShelle L. Turner is a romance and women’s fiction author. The author has a Master of Arts in Professional Writing. She currently lives in the Atlanta metropolitan area where she works as an educator. When not writing, she is constantly investigating her next adventure as a budding traveler. HOME | Author LaShelle L. Turner (wixsite.com), Twitter: @turnerlashelle
  4. The Christmas Wedding Dance – A Holiday Novella Merry mayhem and secrets surround the holiday wedding of Arielle Allure Richmond. This season comes the tale of a very social bride. A budding social media influencer and blogger seeks to create a media buzz surrounding her upcoming nuptials. Along with having her fans/followers watch her plan her fabulous wedding, Arielle plans one of her biggest social media stunts. She reaches out to her estranged father for her upcoming Christmas themed wedding. Using their reunion as a catalyst to boost her social media stardom, she decides to use him as a prop for her online wedding diary to capture every moment of the father/daughter reunion. She then coordinates this elaborate stepfather/real father/daughter dance to feature on her social media platforms while she blogs about it all over her social media. The soon to be bride also has a little secret: She is having an affair with her high school love, Lucius. He’s the opposite of her stable and loving fiancé’ Antonio. Or she just thinks he is. She may not be the only one tasting the last bit of forbidden fruit before her wedding; someone keeps posting cryptic messages on her social media pages about her fiancé’ own little dalliances – with a bridesmaid. Arielle must not only put a stop to her cheating but also her groom’s. She resolves nothing and no one will stop her Christmas nuptials, not even a little cheating and lying. Will she ever make down the aisle, let alone have her big wedding dance?
  5. For Immediate Release September 29, 2020 LaShelle L. Turner Announces the Release of a New Novel Price of Past Sins Atlanta— September 29, 2020 — Today, LaShelle L. announced immediate availability of Price of Past Sins. The contemporary novel centers on searching for redemption from the past and finding the strength to love again in the present. After his released from prison, ex-drug dealer Patrick Mitchell seeks to make amends for all the lives he left in shatters when he was first sent away. He comes home to find the lives of his sister, girlfriend, and daughter in tatters as they struggled to survive without. While he sets on the path to atone for his mistakes, he falls in love with the woman hired to help him put his life back together. The guilt of his past sins convinces him that he does not deserve to have the love of such a good woman. Patrick needs to forgive himself before he can set things right and open himself of to love again. Author Bio LaShelle L. Turner is a romance and women’s fiction author. The author has a Master of Arts in Professional Writing. She currently lives in the Atlanta metropolitan area where she works as an educator. When not writing, she is constantly investigating her next adventure as a budding traveler. For more information on Price of Past Sins: LaShelle L. Turner Website: https://turnerlashelle.wixsite.com/mysite
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