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  1. For Immediate Release Scars They Can’t See Sometimes the worst scars are the ones you can’t see. Morgan and Reid fall for each other while both grieving horrific family tragedies they believed they caused. Together they try to move pass their pain and grief by falling in love, but they both are trying to hold onto the past. Seventeen-year-old Morgan Lawson is starting her senior year grieving her parents from a small plane crash in which she was the only survivor. Now she must deal with burn
  2. The Christmas Wedding Dance – A Holiday Novella Merry mayhem and secrets surround the holiday wedding of Arielle Allure Richmond. This season comes the tale of a very social bride. A budding social media influencer and blogger seeks to create a media buzz surrounding her upcoming nuptials. Along with having her fans/followers watch her plan her fabulous wedding, Arielle plans one of her biggest social media stunts. She reaches out to her estranged father for her upcoming Christmas themed wedding. Using their reunion as a catalyst to boost her social media stardom, she decides to use
  3. For Immediate Release September 29, 2020 LaShelle L. Turner Announces the Release of a New Novel Price of Past Sins Atlanta— September 29, 2020 — Today, LaShelle L. announced immediate availability of Price of Past Sins. The contemporary novel centers on searching for redemption from the past and finding the strength to love again in the present. After his released from prison, ex-drug dealer Patrick Mitchell seeks to make amends for all the lives he left in shatters when he was first sent away. He com
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