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  1. Now, Black Software, The Internet and Racial Justice, from the Afronet to Black Lives Matter, then Algorithms of Oppression
  2. To ORDER the Hardcover click HERE For more about DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS or artGriot Publishing click HERE
  3. Divine Consciousness, From a Dystopian Diaspora to Afrofuturism is a compelling, must-read available now from artGriot® Publishing. This book considers the past in confronting the present while preparing for our future. Our past and present have been subjugated, in part, by a decidedly human threat from those in control. Dystopian societies are marked by mass suffering and great injustice but are not just relegated to stories of fiction. We have been and continue to be in a dystopian state throughout the Diaspora. However, we don’t have to remain trapped in this state, nor consider
  4. The quest for freedom and equality has been a much broader and longer journey than most people realize, given it is still not achieved after 495 years! Divine Consciousness: From a Dystopian Diaspora to Afrofuturism, takes readers on a journey, from a point in time when the African Diaspora was just beginning, to a time yet to be determined—the future. For 340 years, Black people were the “Slave-Industrial Complex.” We were subjected to absolute and unspeakable horror, brutality, and oppression with no abatement and for the next 155 years, subjugated by the Blac
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