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  1. In the 1930’s, the Public Health Service—a US government entity working with the Tuskegee Institute—intentionally injected 399 African-Americans with syphilis. It goes without saying that they infected otherwise healthy African-American males with sexually transmitted diseases without their consent in the name of science. I would say this was a stain on the fabric of the American government, except this was not an outlier. Experimenting on US citizens is something that our government does as a norm. Fast-forward twenty years and the CIA developed a program that utilized LSD, yet again in
  2. I write this article for the multitude of wild-eyed idealists who joined political campaigns thinking they could be a part of movement to deliver change only for their aspirations to be aborted by the established order. I especially write this missive on behalf of the legions of Obama volunteers who had their hopes dashed by the harsh realities of who the first black president became once he entered the White House. This issue is very personal for me. In 2008, I put all my hopes in Barack Obama only to witness in depressing fashion as my faith was returned with faithless cynicism. However
  3. Imagine if I wrote an article about the Yellow Vest protestors in France and I quoted a professor from Kenya in the write up. Imagine if I was an anchor of a newscast and I had a segment about the conflict in Catalonia only to welcome an expert from Cameroon to present his views on that topic. Imagine if I hosted a TV show that covered the history of Irish people and I invited an analyst from Zimbabwe to offer insights on Ireland. I know there are some who chuckled at the thought of these things; a reaction wrought by the caste system of race that has conditioned us to place value
  4. What's going no Pioneer, I'm actually the author of that piece above, and yes I'm from Ethiopia originally though, like the book "the Invisible Man", I've lived a dual existence for the past 39 years between an Ethiopian immigrant and experiencing some (not all) of the burdens felt by Afro-Americans.
  5. Hello Fam, I'm new to this group, I'm submitting this article below for discussion and to see where everyone's thoughts are on it. I'm quoting a couple of sections and then linking the full article at bottom. "For “black” Americans, the horrific scenarios I painted don’t have to be imagined, these are scars that are coded deep in their DNA. There is a reason I use the word “they” instead of “us”, as a first generation Ethiopian immigrant—even though I’ve experienced racism in my life—I can never really understand the burdens that African-Americans carry that have been p
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