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  1. Are there any blog sites that specialize in the indie (self-published) author? What are the best blog sites?
  2. Hi Bridget, Congratulations on your first novel. I went to find your book and some red flags stood out to me. If you are open to feedback, please reach out to me. lisa@thewashingtonwayllc.com.
  3. Just seeing this and I just sent my information. Thank you.
  4. All of my books are available through Ingram.
  5. I am always willing to share anything I find. I won the 2018 Best Christian fiction (When You Least Expect It) from AALAS and I recently won the 2020 Best Clean romance (Love Lifted Me) from Author Elite Awards. More information about the Author Elite Awards here https://authoracademyawards.com/
  6. A few years ago, when I was in the business world, my mentor asked why I had not recommended myself for the 40 under 40 in Government. My response, "I thought someone else had to recommend me." Ever since, I have been actively seeking opportunities. Since I published my first novel in 2018, I look for literary awards to apply for. Not very many are geared toward the African-American Author. But even as I find other opportunities, I am not seeing AA authors submitting their work. I recently won the 2020 Author Elite Award for Best Romance (clean). From a field of over 20, narrowed down to 10 finalists, I prevailed. There is no entry fee (which I have heard is a deterrence). Entries are reviewed by select judges and evaluated on popular vote, social contribution and overall presentation. Among the top 10 finalist in my category, only 2 of us were black. The other categories (15) were similar make-ups. Of all winners only 3 are black. That is less than 20% I want to see more people of color nominated for these awards. Why are you not submitting yourself for awards? What did I do? I read other authors bios, find what awards they have won and research the criteria. Many of these awards still reject the indie author, but that doesn't stop me. Google is also a great resource. I am still a novice to the publishing world, but I want to share everything I know. Award-winning author, Lisa Washington, is a Christian Fiction/Romance writer, currently with five published books. She is a Detroit native currently residing in Georgia with her family. Education is vital to her success, having earned degrees from Wayne State University, Averett University, and Butler University. She is the 2020 winner of the Author Elite Award for Best Romance (clean) and the winner of the 2018 African American Literary Award Show for Best Christion Fiction.
  7. I am very new here and trying to navigate my way around. How does an Indie author get their books into black bookstores? I have reached to several stores and only heard back from maybe 2. I want to promote these booksellers, but they don't sell my books. I would much rather send people to black owned book stores.
  8. Kaleigh Hammond has been working hard to become successful in real estate, when she lands a multi-million dollar contract, all of her hard work seems to be paying off. Along with new clients, Kaleigh is also battling an unknown illness that doctors haven't been able to diagnose. But her health conditions and the unwanted advances of a sexy doctor seem to test her patience and his.Grant Hawkins has been a silent partner in his brother's business for years, until he meets the beautiful realtor working with his brother. An immediate attraction ensues, but only in Grant's mind. He has to try unconventional methods to get her to notice his interest in her. Will his attempts, her illness and unexpected drama push them together or pull them apart? Please consider for a book review
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