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  1. Actually one more thing. I was surprised and disappointed at the level of racism on these forums. I was hoping it wouldn't be like that when I was reading through the messages.
  2. I'll see my way out of these forums. Take care all.
  3. I'm a white person (not American though). I originally joined these forums because I was going to see if I could ask you guys ask a question. Some of the comments concern me a little. I think these guys were likely racist, but white people aren't a monolith just like black people aren't a monolith. I hope one day those guys get exposed for their racism and it comes back to bite them in the ass. I do think there is an element of racist among white liberals though. Obviously not all though, but I think the soft bigotry of low expectations where some condescend and patronize black people is definitely real. I remember there was a video of white college students being interviewed at a U.S. 4 year college who said things like making voting online would be racist because black people don't know how to use computers. Also required ID is racist because most black people apparently don't have ID according to them. It was just embarrassing how they don't realize how racist they are. They were so the so called progressives liberals too. I think the people were probably cherry picked for the video, so I have to take it with some grain of salt. I don't want to pretend as though I know what your experience is like in any way though. I think there are good white people out there like this family that took on tens of thousands of dollars in personal debt to help comedian Steve Harvey when he was completely unknown and completely broke. I sincerely believe they weren't helping him for person gain.
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