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  1. @Cynique If I cared enough I could find 100 reputable sources that completely contradict this bullshit idea you just stated: "No reputable authority gives any weight to IQ tests anymore because they are not a reliable measurement of a person's innate intelligence." Here's one of the first ones I found. From 2022. https://www.cnbc.com/2022/07/11/does-iq-determine-success-a-psychologist-weighs-in.html https://www.allsides.com/news-source/cnbc By the way CNBC is a Left leaning news network so if anything they should be agreeing with your bullshit claim but they can't because its so wildly untrue. No, black people are not down and out because of racism. Its literally just impossible. You're down and out (on average, as a whole) because you are literally the dumbest race on the planet! There's no handouts in life! If you can't keep up, you can't keep up! THE AVERAGE IQ OF AFRICA QUALIFIES THEM AS MENTALLY HANDICAPPED! DEAL WITH IT YOU DUMB COPING BITCH!
  2. hahahahahaha THEN LEAVE WHY ARE YOU LIVING IN A COUNTRY THAT IS SUPPOSEDLY CREATED FROM SUCH EVIL MEANS? Your hands are just as dirty as mine. We're both Americans. You're just as guilty as me (if what you're saying is true). Shut the fuck up you stupid bitch! This is my last message to you. Get a life you psychotic bimbo. you're beyond delusional. Get help @SpeakHerTruth
  3. GO SEE A THERAPIST YOU ANNOYING STUPID BITCH! @SpeakHerTruth Yes, why are you still here blaming white people? Its pathetic. It makes no sense. If we are so bad and evil WHY DO YOU LIVE IN OUR COUNTRY? Go back to your amazing African countries haahahahahahahahahahahaahahahha
  4. ok whatever you're just a stupid bitch with a bad attitude. Has nothing to do with race you're just an ungrateful dumb bitch. Leave white people alone. If you hate us that much, go the fuck away. Stay away from us you psycho. @SpeakHerTruth
  5. There's more black than white people and more African countries than Euro countries. What the fuck are you talking about? You want to live in nice Euro countries while complaining how horrible Euros are. If we're so bad why the fuck would you live in our countries? Go to Africa! Go to Mexico! Go anywhere else you ungrateful stupid bitch @SpeakHerTruth
  6. Then leave! Leave our country! This ain't no black country! We built this country with our awesome European inventions. Go live in a mud hut in 70 IQ Africa then you ungrateful stupid bitch.
  7. Because its the 2nd source I found on Google I assumed its accurate. It might not be I'll be fair about that because this source says Nepal is 77 https://www.worlddata.info/iq-by-country.php but it doesn't really matter though honestly. Across any source you look at, the theme that matters is the same and the crux of my argument here... WHITE PEOPLE ARE SIGNIFICANTLY SMARTER THAN BLACK PEOPLE! Smarter people make more $ on average. That is a fact of life. Again, there's smart black people and dumb white people, but I'm talking about ON AVERAGE! Its very simple, IQ is the best way we have to measure intelligence. More intelligent people make more $. It explains A LOT in terms of the world we see in America and when you compare African countries to European countries abroad. This whole "everyone should be the same" mentality is bullshit. People are better and worse at things. People are prettier and uglier. Its a harsh reality of life but it true. Not everyone is gifted enough to make it to the NBA. That's how it goes. You aren't going to take indigenous people from Mexico, for example, and expect their next generation of children to make 6 figures as a Dr. in the USA. Its just so simple dude but they don't teach this in Universities because its "mean" and "racist". Facts are racist? hahaha people need to grow up and take an objective adult, non politically biased look at these topics. STOP BLAMING WHITE PEOPLE WE ARE SICK OF IT! @Troy
  8. Yet you still live in a country founded by whites with a majority of whites in it. Why? If we're so mean and evil why don't you leave? Why all the brown/black want to come here so bad? You stupid delusional bitch. Everything here is just some dumb old black bimbo making up excuses for why her worthless offspring do nothing but ruin society. Y'all suck!
  9. You know what man fuck you. Fuck your lies. White people are sick of it. We are burnt out on being called racist just because you stupid fucks can't compete educationally and in the workplace with Europeans. SHUT THE FUCK UP! and fuck you for gaslighting me and telling me to calm down. I'm a grown man you're a little bitch. IQ CORRELATES TO INCOME YOU DUMB FUCK I'VE SAID THIS MULTIPLE TIMES NOW! Smarter people make more money! The narrative from you liberal dumb fucks is that you're poor because the mean whities just won't give you enough stuff. We aren't racist, we just can't handicap society enough with EEO and AA to keep you idiots up with us because it'd totally ruin our society. Its that simple. Black people are not poor because of racism, it is because as a whole, you are very stupid. Significantly dumber than whites and Asians. As I've said multiple times, there are exceptions. There are dumb whites and smart blacks. There are high IQ poor people and low IQ rich people but ON AVERAGE over large sample sizes, higher IQ people make more $. It explains A LOT and none of you will even touch it because it breaks your BLM brains and false narratives instantly. Imagine believing white people are the problem. Do you all research crime stats or IQ stats at all? WHAT THE FUCK DO BLACK PEOPLE CONTRIBUTE TO SOCIETY? RAP MUSIC? VIOLENCE? FATHERLENESS? LEECHING OFF WHITE PEOPLE? You delusional morons. Black people as a whole are total dead weight on this great Euro country. Its an objective fact.
  10. Using the source I showed you originally that you think is not accurate (which is the 2nd result I get on Google searching "average IQ Africa") https://worldpopulationreview.com/country-rankings/average-iq-by-country I made a spreadsheet and found the weighted average of African countries IQ and it was 70 exactly. You can just google it dude. Every source I've seen was 68-75 IQ for the average IQ of Africa. NO ONE disputes that the average IQ of Africans is SIGNIFICANTLY lower than white people. Its like 20-30 points lower. Here is a journal saying literally that the average IQ of Africans is 70 and they're mentally retarded basically. https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/008124630603600101?journalCode=sapc
  11. Black people are 13% of the country and do over 50% of the violent crimes. Black people are 13% of the country and do 27% of the rapes. I could go on and on. You are talking about the past, I'm talking about right now. European countries are literally the happiest countries in the world. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Happiness_Report#:~:text=Finland is in the top,in the world [1]. https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/worlds-happiest-countries-2022-wellness/index.html You are stupid coping black person (probably) or a brainwashed lib. Shut the fuck up you know nothing. Everything you learn on the news and in Universities about race is trash. I went to a Leftist Univ. and learned all about it. Its nonsense, complete nonsense! Just answer this question... What do black people contribute to the USA and the world? High crime, fatherlessness, low IQ, low education, etc. White people literally invented whatever device you're using right now! Maybe we're just reaping the rewards while Africans struggle to keep up. Its not our fault we're doing better! Keep coping. I'm sorry that black women are the most undesired of all women in the USA you've probably had a hard life if you're black. https://www.weaa.org/news/2021-11-05/new-data-suggest-black-women-most-undesirable-women-to-date That's the way the cookie crumbles. Deal with it and stop blaming whites you pathetic loser.
  13. DUDE LITERALLY GOOGLE "AVERAGE IQ OF AFRICA" YOU LAZY BUM You have more testosterone congratulations. What do you people actually contribute to society? We invented computers and computer science. Basically every successful black person is only successful thanks to Euro education system. What a mistake we made helping you ungrateful morons. Thanks for rap music? The most satanic worthless mess to ever touch the planet. Y'all are so worthless its incredible. You also commit 27% of rapes but are only 13% of the population. https://www.rainn.org/statistics/perpetrators-sexual-violence
  14. Considering black people statistically have more abortions than any race in the USA, being against abortion is helping black people isn't it? Imagine not being able to connect the dots on this hahaha You are just another typical crybaby black. Why not try looking up IQ stats and how IQ directly correlates to income. What's Africa's average IQ? about 70. Under 75 qualifies as mentally handicapped. What is the average Euro majority country IQ? About 92. Even higher if it was just white people and wasn't counting entire population of the majority white country. We're talking about a 20-25 point IQ different from Africans to Europeans overall. Blacks in the USA are also very low IQ and whites are higher. Another coincidence? Maybe black people are just statistically dumber than whites and Asians BY A LONG SHOT and that directly impacts income and career success. Cry a fucking river. That's reality.
  15. It is suspicious for 4 black people to drive to Mexico. It just is. Especially since something like this happened. If you've ever been to Mexico, I have 5x (2x tourist stuff 3x dangerous non profit work), you would know that the Cartels leave Americans alone. No matter what color or whatever. As long as you're a legit American tourist, they leave you alone. You might get some street crackhead kid who will rob you without the sanctioning of the cartels but big crimes like kidnapping or murders are sanctioned by the cartels probably 99% of the time in Mexico. Turns out it was (allegedly) a case of mistaken identity. Supposedly, they thought they were Haitian drug dealers. If you can't acknowledge that 4 middle aged black people driving to Mexico and getting shot up by the cartels makes you wonder then you live in a complete fairy tale world. We have the crime stats. The drug dealing stats. Probably even tourism stats. Again, combine that all with this very unusual encounter and it seems like a logical conclusion to assume they were involved in something nefarious. Stop being another delusional black person on the internet screaming racism. Its getting old you clowns.
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