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  1. Yeah I'm aware those data are only for arrests and not convictions. However, with regards to the original post, my aim was mostly to admonish the OP for blabbing out nonsense and to try to showcase that finding "official" numbers isn't that hard. It's not as easy as simply parroting out nonsense they agree with without any critical thinking or verification, but looking at official data and sources really only take a few braincells and about how long it takes for Google to display search results. I know I was rather campy with my post but I found it extra distasteful that a) my Google search for "crime rates per capita by race" returned OP's blaring post title on Google's first page results and b) that such an aggravating and untrue statement was made on a Black Literature book club website. Regarding arrests, convictions, justice, et al., all those numbers are grossly inaccurate anyway because of a thousand factors, not least that the law enforcement agencies reporting the data are all just self-reporting and none of them are required to participate. But, then again, OP threw out a statistic. And since the most "official" data source OP should be referencing are those FBI data, all I did was locate the data he would be referencing and checked his numbers. Like normal, misinformation like OP's post almost always has zero basis in any facts and originated out of thin air or by someone who didn't understand the data, or how to read it or didn't care. To me, the single most aggravating disease we have in America is people intentionally spreading lies and then people too dumb or too lazy to spend 12 seconds to Google and verify stuff before getting riled up, hating their neighbor Americans and spreading the disinfo far and wide. It's how you end up with crap like Qanon. And the idiotic fights against "wokeness", CRT, DEI programs and dismantling LGBTQ and any other peoples' rights. It breaks my heart and it's tearing this country apart.
  2. (signed up just to respond to this idiocy) OP: Okay, since you clearly didn't bother verifying wherever you got your nugget of misinformation before proudly blasting your drivel on a Black Literature Book Club forum, and you were VERY SPECIFIC in stating "ALL" violent crime, let's take a look at the numbers, shall we? Crime statistics in the US can be gleaned from multiple sources, some better or worse than others, but in general, if there is to be what would be considered "official" numbers, that would come from the Uniform Crime Reports produced annually by the FBI. The FBI collects this data from law enforcement agencies throughout the country monthly. So let's start there. link (2019 is most recent year available): https://ucr.fbi.gov/crime-in-the-u.s/2019/crime-in-the-u.s.-2019/tables/table-43 A couple caveats: OP did not specify what he/she considers "violent crime" and types of crime that fall into this category can be debated. In general, though, there are some obvious inclusions, such as murder, rape, and assault. It actually makes no difference as no matter which crimes you stick in the "violent crime" category, the numbers, at least according to the actual, official source, clearly show Whites VASTLY outperforming Blacks in almost every category. Most of the time it's not even close. I could crunch the numbers for you, but I think you could probably, I hope, read and you can see the numbers for yourself quite easily. If you are still too lazy to look at a numbers list or are unable to muster mathematical exercise, the report kindly points out the exact opposite of your original statement. Under Arrests, by Race and Ethnicity, 2019 in the Overview section below the data tables. Items of note that directly relate to your statement: " - White individuals were arrested more often for violent crimes than individuals of any other race and accounted for 59.1 percent of those arrests. " and (here, Blacks did edge out Whites specifically for murder 51.3% to 45.7%; which is a not- "60% of ALL violent crime"): " - Of adults arrested for murder, 51.3 percent were Black or African American, 45.7 percent were White, and 3.0 percent were of other races. " but now we return to Opposite Land: " - White juveniles comprised 50.3 percent of all juveniles arrested for violent crimes, and Black or African American juveniles accounted for 46.4 percent of juveniles arrested for violent crimes. " and: " - White juveniles comprised 56.4 percent of juveniles arrested for aggravated assault. " which I'm assuming could be included in the "violent crime" category. Now, you ARE correct that Blacks make up around 13-14% of the US population and you COULD have made a better, stronger argument if you used "per capita" data rather than your blanket "ALL" violent crime. When looking at the data "per capita" or per numbers of individuals of each race in the population, ala your "14 percent" crowd, the numbers of violent crime per race per capita data definitely changes the optics. But, your original post didn't do that. It used a blanket, "OMG! The Blacks are gonna kill us all! Git rid of them;" mentality and it's a re-hashed, blindly-kneejerk, racist, mouth-fart (or finger-fart?, idk). My advice to you, or anyone else reading or commenting on this topic that looked at that statement and thought "That's right! Of course those are the numbers! I knew it all along!": Stop posting stupid asshat statements that you never verified, or never understood, or stated it because your dormant racism "just has to get out!" because you're so damn mad because you're letting yourself be a sponge for a-holes who really do want nothing in America but White Christians and hey, Blacks are welcome too so long as they're compliant Christians and don't talk too much. Stop being a gullible idiot, or an idiot racist, or a gullible idiot reposting idiot racist bullshit they make up so they can feel better about their racist beliefs about any non-white or non-"Christian" Americans. America deserves better. Humanity deserves better. - Hope this helps!
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