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  1. @Hickson ~ do you know if the Pyramid Bookstore still has a location in Mt. Rainier, Md.? Hodari Ali, sadly, passed away last year. He started with one store on Ga. Avenue and was a true pioneer in the black book selling business. By the early 90s there were 5 locations in the DMV, all of which i am grateful to have managed at one time or another, and 1 in California. I left D.C. in 95 and i'm wondering if his wonderful legacy continues after his death.
  2. i do enjoy speculative fiction particularly the work of octavia butler, walter mosley and several other writers found in sheree thomas's "dark matter" series. I agee with the comment someone made about toni morrison's work. while it typically defies categorization, the themes addressed in her novels definitely appeal to anyone enjoying speculative fiction from the diaspora. i like the term afro-futurism aqs it melds the sci-fi AND cultural aspects of the genre as it applies to reimagining our stories in futuristic social circumstances.
  3. <p>Pwrhaps the sister who is concerned about the hair care ad could contact a company that she approves of and convince them to advertise as well. it is imperative that we support sites such as this one and adveertising is a great way to do so. it is good that the writer is concerned enough to critique the product but I feel that it is inappropriate to suggest that it and other product ads be banned. This is a wonderful site and it should be supported.I just bought a tube of Twisted Sista shampoo but have not tried it yet. The fact that a light skinned woman's image appears on it did not influence my decision. I have bought products with images of darker women and it did not influence my decision. Either image represents "us" as most of "us" come from close families and/ or communities in which the range of beautiful skin tones is well represented. Do we still care so much about the perceived intentions of advertisers that we don't know our own minds? I buy the "good" stuff when I can afford it and the "other" stuff when I am broke. I won't know what category to put Twisted Sista in until I use it. I will let you know what I think. This is my first visit to this site and I plan to be a regular visitor and (after graduation) a regular contributor as well. Thanks to advertisers, AALBC will probably still be here when other good sites like this are gone. </p>
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