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  1. "Jordan's Passage!" by Clarence Mason (aka)Mason Weaver. Free sample and ebook copy at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/61656 A Black Gang member robs a store and is shot in this mysterious field call The Pass. He wakes up to find himself 150 years back in history during slavery. He has been shot by slavehunters escaping the plantation. He remembers the future and realized how much he has lost. He is now a slave and helpless. He has no control and no hope. The lessons Jordan learns could lead him back to freedom. The greatest achievement of any man, rich or poor, young or old, is his decision to be free; the journey there, his greatest trial. Jordan’s Passage, the groundbreaking new novel by nationally acclaimed author and motivational speaker Mason Weaver, tells a story of liberation, exposing the lies that enslave us and truth that makes us free. Jordan, a teenage menace, discovers he is a slave by a rude awakening to the truth about who he is and how the system of violence and dependency he supports is his true oppressor. Mason Weaver takes readers on the journey to freedom with Jordan, exposing the great deceptions that the ruling class of every society perpetrates upon the ignorant and the weak, as well as the self-imposed limitations that keep people enslaved even after physical, legislative, or social bonds and restrictions have been removed.

One of the most powerful messages contained within Jordan’s Passage is the revelation that freedom is natural; everything in nature seeks freedom and growth. Therefore, in order for one to be enslaved, he must first be conditioned to believe and accept that which is against nature to his own detriment. Mason Weaver carefully unravels the diabolical deceptions that oppressors use to convince the oppressed that what is hurting them is really helping them. These truths are as old as society itself, and they continue to ring true, even in the present-day “free world.” Jordan’s Passage by Mason Weaver is sure to be one of the most eye-opening works you will ever read, revealing the road to freedom and inspiring you to take it in your own life at any cost.
  2. Wow! Why do we report such things? Do we not research anything on our own? The TEA party was founded after congress continued to spend all of us into debt. There is so much you have written tHat I find interesting but only have space for a few questions. Where is your evidence that Mormons can marry 12 year old girls and have a million wives? And could you list those Christian TEA party members who think Obama is the anti-Christ?
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