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  1. Hello, my name is Felipe. I've written four self published novels which I think are an easy read, interesting and full of adventure. I used real friends of mine as characters in these books. I actually started book one online in an open forum as a short story. People kept encouraging me and before long I had a 70,000 word novel. About a third of the way through I asked everyone who their favorite character was and it was hands down Batu, the huge former slave now turned pirate. I had a lot of fun writing these novels as the main character and his uncle seek revenge on the king for killing his father. His uncle tells him that no crew would be as fiercely determined to fight by their sides as slaves that they freed by killing their masters. Batu and the main character become the best of friends. I hope to become a part of this community, meet my friend "Batu" or Clyde, a fellow firefighter standing next to me.


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